Lying and Dying: Another Large Montana Newspaper Collapses


Do you support alternative news media like the Montana Daily Gazette? If not, you should, because Montana’s traditional print publications are dying. Add the Great Falls Tribune to the list of newspapers going the way of the dinosaur.

Last week, the Gazette covered the probably de-listing of Lee Enterprises from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the post, Montana Newspaper Monopoly Collapsing as NY Stock Exchange Moves to Delist Lee Enterprises For Going Broke. This out-of-state liberal press organization controls newspapers including the Billings Gazette, The Missoulian, The Montana Standard, the Helena Independent-Record, and the Ravalli Republic in Hamilton. They’re going broke hand-over-fist and in the last few years have managed to turn a billion-dollar investment into less than 50 million dollars and decreasing fast.

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Earlier in the year, we covered the dying Montana newspaper industry in the article, Montana Newspapers are Lying and Dying, but New Media Will Take Their Place.

But now, news have gotten out that the Great Falls Tribune will be turning off its presses and retreating to Helena, laying off nearly two-dozen employees in order to cover significant financial losses.

According to reports, “The Great Falls Tribune will pull the plug on their print facility. According to a story published in the Tribune last week, the daily newspaper will move production to the press at the Independent Record in Helena…” Another report says, “The 21 affected employees were notified. The Tribune will work to connect employees with local resources to assist with seeking new employment, and opportunities will be made available to them, if possible, at other locations.”

The Tribune is owned by the parent company of USA TODAY NETWORK, which includes 260 daily publications. To put plainly, The Great Falls Tribune is not worth the paper it’s printed on. They simply can no longer afford to manufacture and print it locally. Note: The Tribune says the decision will not affect their newsroom (as dubious a claim as that might be). Nonetheless, it will stretch the definition of “local news” to the breaking point.

As traditional outlets die due to a combination of extreme liberal bias and agile online competitors, it will be important for news consumers to look to additional, more-trustworthy resources for their information needs.


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  1. […] Of course, the Daily Montanan is not nonpartisan, as time will demonstrate. Its editor is a throw-away failure from Lee Enterprises, which has lost so much money due to its biased reporting that they’re being threatened by the New York Stock Exchange with delisting. They’re going bankrupt and its motley crew of j-school graduated liberal, self-entitled reporters are unionizing to try to save their jobs (psst…that’s the opposite of what you should do if you want to save your job). We’ve been recovering the death-spiral of Lee Enterprises’ Montana news monopoly since at least May. […]


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