BREAKING: Montana Supreme Court Overturns Effort to Lengthen Ballot Deadline


State Attorney General Tim Fox filed for an injunction on behalf of Montana Secretary of State, Corey Stapleton, against District Judge Donald Harris who ruled on Friday that Montanans would have until June 2 to postmark their ballot rather than have it in to the courthouse. Only an hour or so ago, the Montana Supreme Court ruled in favor of Fox and overturned the ruling of Judge Harris.

Harris had claimed that there was an unfair disparity between when voters could mail their ballot and when they would need to be in the courthouse, arguing that the time frame difference could be as much as two weeks in certain parts of the state. Fox, on the other hand, argued that the last-ditch effort to manipulate Montana elections was unfair to voters who knew the rules ahead of time and got their ballots in when they were supposed to.

The justices wrote, “We conclude that there is good cause to maintain the election-day deadline for this primary election in order to avoid voter confusion and disruption of election administration.”

Fox said in response, “I am pleased that the Montana Supreme Court maintained our long-standing ballot deadline of 8 p.m. on Election Day, especially since some counties are using prepaid ballot return envelopes that won’t be postmarked.”

Montana’s liberals have been doing cartwheels about Governor Bullock’s coronavirus edict shutting down physical polling places at the discretion of county governments and mailing an absentee ballot to every registered voter whether they ask for one or not. Anything that weakens the integrity of Montana’s election process is met among state Democrats with glee, and a mail-in election has been their desire for years and coronavirus was just the excuse they needed. Conservatives collectively moaned when Harris issued his ruling last week, afraid it would weaken election security.

Elections security in 2020 is already in jeopardy due to the mail-in system, but after the Supreme Court ruling, it seems notably safer.


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