Bullock Credits Solutions Caucus ‘Victories’ With His Success


Why is Steve Bullock a serious contender for the U.S. Senate seat in Montana, and why might Republican incumbent, Steve Daines, be sent home from Washington? According to Governor Bullock it’s because of the victories given him at the hands of the left-wing of the Republican Party known as the Solutions Caucus.

The Montana Daily Gazette has covered the Democrat-Crossover Caucus of the Republican Party extensively throughout this primary season, most recently in the post, NYT Praises ‘Solutions Caucus’ In Article About How Democrats Win in Montana. If you’re looking for additional information, consider the article, Montana’s Far-Left Republicans Rename Group “Conservative Solutions Caucus.” Essentially, the minority group of left-leaning Republicans, led by Llew Jones (R-Conrad) routinely side with Democrats against Republicans, giving Governor Bullock everything he wants. And that’s exactly Bullock’s argument for why he should be Montana’s next Senator.

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Responding via email to the progressive fake news site, the Montana Post, Bullock explained how Republicans have helped build his resume’ for holding future national office.

Bullock said, “In Montana, we have come together –– Republicans and Democrats –– to protect and advance the people of our state. We stood up to special interests and beat dark money in our state elections. We expanded health care to 90,000 Montanans and helped save our rural hospitals. We invested in education, boosted job training programs, built up Montana’s infrastructure and defended Montanans’ access to public lands. And we balanced our state’s budget — with a rainy day fund and the state’s first-ever firefighting reserve.

He continued, “Time and time again, we have been able to put politics aside for the good of the state.”

By that, Bullock means that Republicans like Llew Jones, Ed Buttrey, Nancy Ballance, Eric Moore, and Joel Krautter have handed him his long wishlist of legislative accomplishments, all of which grows the size of government and creates new public entitlements.

Bullock sounded like he was reading from a Joel Krautter or Nancy Ballance campaign ad, saying, “Medicaid expansion has strengthened our economy and extended health care coverage to  90,000 Montanans. Right now, our Medicaid expansion sustains thousands of jobs and brings hundreds of millions of dollars into the state’s economy. Plus, it serves as a lifeline for rural hospitals.”

Bullock spoke favorably of Montana’s version of ObamaCare, passed by a coalition of Solutions Caucus Republicans and Democrats.

The list of accomplishments for Jones, Moore, Ballance, Krautter and the other members of the lefts Solutions Caucus create the very platform upon which Governor Bullock is running for the U.S. Senate. Should he win, we know who should get credit. Ironically, they’re “Republicans.”


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  1. You’re a small minded man of limited world view. You endanger the citizens of your community and promote dangerous ideologies.
    I look forward to keeping you in check

  2. Let us all bear in mind that Steve Bullock – who has acted like a tyrant (because he is one) during this phony trumped-up pandemic was trained by the world government “ASPEN Institute”. He does NOT represent Montanans – that is a LIE – he represents the New World Order and with a jack-booted display of that allegiance over the last several years and especially the last several months!!

    If there is a tangible reasoning for the corruption of the once honorable Nancy Balance – evident to me at least – it is an apparent “charm” Bullock has exercised over her. I’ve watched her become ever more “cozy” with the man-boy dictator since I’ve known her during the past 4 or 5 years…

    But the true source of her fall has been her arrogance and her soul’s want of honor! She claims to be a Christian and a conservative. No liar shall have any part in the Kingdom of Heaven. Proverbs 19: 5 and 9

  3. Bullock is a racist and sexist! Look at all his judicial appointments. Always picked a women even when the woman was the least qualified candidate, even when the Judicial Nomination Commission gave top marks to a native american he appointed the woman who was ranked last. Why? So he could run all over IOWA telling suburban housewives how he appointed more women judges than any other Montanan governor, while chasing his fantasy that he could become president.

    Pure identity politics, when he is supposed to give Montana the best qualified people he usually give the worst based on his agenda.

    How much will Bullock cost Montana in his failed illegal attempt to force Timothy Blixseth into bankruptcy? Where he destroyed evidence against Montana law, and lost a lawsuit while Attorney General that will cost the State tens of millions perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars. Bullock is unfit for dog catcher. When this case is back before the judge in Nevada, I hope the judge jails Bullock for contempt, he deserves it!



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