Headlines Bullock Endorser, Amy Klobuchar, Chose Not to Prosecute Cop...

Bullock Endorser, Amy Klobuchar, Chose Not to Prosecute Cop Who Killed George Floyd


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Few presidential contenders in the 2020 Democratic Primary showed as much friendship and support for one another as Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. The two shared financial backers (Bullock’s largest out-of-state donor supported Klobuchar after he dropped out) and showed public support for one another in an otherwise polarizing race.

Klobuchar has thrown support behind Montana’s governor on many occasions, in social media and television. Consider the tweet below, in which she lavished praise upon him.

Klobuchar was speaking of Bullock’s “successes” that were made possible by Republican-Democrat swing-voters in the left-of-center “Solutions Caucus” run by Llew Jones. In the tweet, she was endorsing Bullock for senator in his run against Republican challenger, Steve Daines.

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In the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which has since sparked race riots across the country, it has been revealed that Klobuchar declined to prosecute the police officer who apparently caused his death by what most are calling police brutality.

Klobuchar, who served as prosecutor in Hennepin County from 1999 to 2007, broke records incarcerating black people for non-violent offense, a point of pride for the politicon as she advertised herself as “tough on crime.” But tragically, the Los Angeles Times has revealed that Klobuchar had an opportunity to prosecute Officer Derek Chauvin for police brutality in any one of his 17 complaints against him.

Over-all, more than 30 people died from interactions with the police during Klobuchar’s reign as prosecutor, and she prosecuted not a single officer for police brutality.

Her endorsement of Steve Bullock might just be one he’ll want to leave off of advertisements for his senatorial campaign.

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