Headlines Montana Protesters Don't Want Left Out of the #BlackLivesMatters...

Montana Protesters Don’t Want Left Out of the #BlackLivesMatters Drama


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George Floyd died in police custody after an officer placed his knee upon the man’s neck for up to eight minutes. In shocking footage, Floyd can be seen pleading for his life and bystanders can be heard asking the police let him up to breathe. Police officers present appeared to look on apathetically with cold indifference. Riots have broken out in the nation’s inner cities in crowds that seem to range from the genuinely grieving to looting opportunists. Although Montana seems far removed from this tragedy, protestors still gathered in Helena with #BlackLivesMatters apparel and signs to protest the injustice.

Earlier today, several dozen protestors gathered at the City-County Building in Helena to signal their virtue and show solidarity with rioters around the nation (see above).

Gathering at safe social-distance spacing and wearing medical masks, the crowd held signs that read, “We must do better,” “say his name,” “please I can’t breathe,” and “#BlackLivesMatter.”

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The organization known as #BlackLivesMatters has been a prominent component of racial protests since 2013, when it was formed to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, which was ruled as self-defense. Since then, it has organized protests around the country, some of which have gotten extremely violent. #BlackLivesMatters was reported to be responsible for instigating the 2016 shooting of police officers in Dallas.

The protestors in Helena would not speak to the press or provide commentary. They simply held signs.

In regards to George Floyd, few if any nationwide are siding with the Minneapolis Police Department, and not even the Minneapolis Police Department is siding with Officer Derek Chauvin who has been arrested and charged with Floyd’s murder. For many onlookers, given the officer’s swift arrest and pending prosecution, it is uknown what exactly protestors are protesting. The wheels of justice do seem to be turning in the matter.

Thankfully the protest in Montana, unlike many nationwide, has not resulted in overturned police cars, burned police departments, vandalized property, or looted stores.


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  1. “The protestors in Helena would not speak to the press or provide commentary. They simply held signs.”

    Looks like the staff of the Helena Mayor went outside the building for a photo op. The fact they are doing this in Helena means they can’t figure out where Minneapolis is. They act like this is going on in Montana, which it isn’t. The fact that Helena is a government town and they only had a handful of paid protesters means nobody cares.

    You would think that Minnesota’s 5th district congressional district where Mr. Floyd died, the one that gave us Ilhan Omar wouldn’t have any race issues and there wouldn’t be any need for racial protests as they have a black member of congress and other local black officials representing them in a Democrat controlled paradise. What else do they demand? The officer is being prosecuted and has been fired. Nothing else can be done, with out those in the democrat paradise making decisions, like fixing their training etc. One does not need to take to the streets to virtue signal they are against murder, nor does posing for a photo holding signs make you a better or more concerned citizen.

    Strangely Rep Omar says this has been going on in her district for quite some time. Which puzzles me. It is a democrat congressional district for over 100 years! Minneapolis has hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since the one who served a whole 2 days on Dec 31 1973, and Jan 1, 1974 the last one who served more than 2 days had his term end in 1961. Democrats have run the place for the last 60 years unfettered by Republicans.

    Perhaps is Mr. Floyd’s death is on the hands of Democrats who have been running Minneapolis for the last 60 years and Repre Omar! If Representative Omar wasn’t so busy hiding her sham marriage to her brother and attacking Trump in the media on a near daily basis she could have helped fix the problem, SHE KNEW EXISTED, with her local police force and perhaps Mr. Floyd would be alive today.

  2. The protest that rightfully started in Minneapolis over the killing of George Floyd is understandable, and it is the right of all Americans to voice their First Amendment right, peacefully! As the protests moved across the United States, so did the anti establishment rhetoric and violence. It is no longer a George Floyd issue, but rather, how can far left socialists and domestic terrorists tear apart the very fabric of this nation, laughing as they loot, target police officers, burn vehicles and businesses to the ground. Let’s not forget, ALL LIVES MATTER, which will probably infuriate the BLM movement.


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