Headlines Montana Pastor Keeps Church Closed for Coronavirus But Advocates...

Montana Pastor Keeps Church Closed for Coronavirus But Advocates for Mass Racism Rallies


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Some pastors throughout Montana are keeping their churches closed even well-after the point Governor Bullock said they could open because they’re worried that crowds can easily pass the Wuhan Flu. Almost without exception, these ‘play-it-safe’ congregations are the same ones now promoting mass rallies to protest the death of George Floyd.

Irony never takes a sabbath.

Gillikin’s Facebook profile says she’s the “Fun Fairy.”

Margaret Gillikin is the she-pastor of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. When interviewed by the Helena Indpendent Record, Gillikin said the church would stay closed even after it received permission to open because the “first rule of the Methodist tradition is ‘do no harm.'” Churches can pass coronavirus, the woman argued, and that means the only responsible thing is to keep people from gathering in large groups.

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Gillikin told the press, “Even though churches are allowed to gather, Phase 1 still recommends no gathering larger than 10, and with significant protections for people in vulnerable populations,” before explaining that the church would remain closed to protect the vulnerable.

Yet, Gillikin promoted a mass gathering of hundreds of people at the state capitol in Helena which occurred yesterday, before the Phase 2 re-opening took effect.

Despite not having the fear of hundreds of people in close shoulder-to-shoulder marching proximity passing the Wuhan Virus, Rev. Gillikin seems convinced that the virus will spread more easily in church – even if socially distanced.

The church’s email details the online ‘Zoom’ format in lieu of regular service in the name of “public safety” (see below).

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Some might wonder why weekly worship is not important enough for Rev. Gillikin to risk passing around the coronavirus but she apparently has little fear of large crowds so long as it’s a political rally.


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