Video Footage Indicates Possible Staging for Violence and Looting in Western Montana


Citizen reports of four white vans carrying approximately 60 out-of-state Antifa protestors coming east from Couer d’Alene are plentiful in social media. Dozens of unconnected residents have testified to seeing the caravan on the state’s highways or at truck stops, but the police are continuing to tell Montanans that the reports are unsubstantiated. Other than independent and unverified reports, Montana Daily Gazette is unable to confirm the accounts or contradict law-enforcement on the matter.

Nonetheless, it is not conspiratorial to suggest that Antifa’s paid agitators are coming east from Idaho (where there has already been stand-offs between protestors and armed citizens) and west from North Dakota (bikers ran off protestors as far west as Dickinson). But whether or not they are in Montana, and where exactly, is unknown.

However, disturbing footage has been released by the East Helena Liquor Store that provides a reason for many to fear that the city is being staged for possible riots and looting by out-of-state agitators (see below).

Brent Stoos made the post in social media, saying, “I had a person pour diesel fuel at the back door of my building. Just wondering if anyone recognizes who it is, they drove off in a newer Red four-door Civic or Corolla type car.”

The woman was wearing a non-descript ball cap and sunglasses, disguising her face. She was wearing gloves, despite the seasonably warm weather. And she poured out five gallons of fuel from a yellow diesel can, thoughtfully pouring it out along the back door and wall of the liquor store.

As has been confirmed by media and police reports around the nation, scenes of looting and riots are often pre-staged with pallets of bricks or caches of gasoline. When rioters are then transported to the scene, the tools of their devastation are easily accessible.

If you have seen this woman or know a car that fits the description, or are aware of any other similar incidents, please call the Helena Police Department immediately.


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  1. A classic case of, “do as I say and not as I do.” I Ho Pomeroy, the owner of I Ho’s Korean Grill is on the Gallatin Valley Health Department and voted to shut down her competition while her restaurant remained open with drive through. If she was honorable, she should have recused herself from that vote. There needs to be a call for her removal from the heath board.
    Good to see some real journalism for a change.


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