Big Tech “Fact-Checkers” Set Sights on Montana Daily Gazette to Censor Real News


The favorite tool of our Technocrat overlords is their so-called “fact-checkers,” third-party organizations that claim to be impartial and unbiased. In reality, these organizations are funded by deep left-wing funding sources and staffed with special interest groups (for example, Muslim and LGBTQ organizations) that stifle speech they deem defamatory. But instead of saying “we don’t like this information” they are saying “this information is false.” However, it rarely proves to be inaccurate.

For example, Facebook’s “fact-checkers” ruled that an article claiming that masks don’t stop the spread of coronavirus was false, even though the article only quoted the warning label placed on the mask’s packaging by its manufacturer. After initially claiming the article was false, when it was pointed out that the article was only quoting the manufacturer, Politifact reluctantly admitted the manufacturer’s warning was accurate but double-down, insisting that readers were “misinterpreting” the label (see below).

Third-party “fact-checkers” can’t even fact-check themselves. Nonetheless, they whittle away on conservative news sites, insisting that their articles are false or misleading not because the facts they present are inaccurate, but because the fact-checker doesn’t like their conclusions or prefer a different narrative.

Third-Party fact-checkers once ranked an article by the conservative Christian news site, Pulpit & Pen, false because even though the information presented in the article was valid, they used “scare quotes” around the term “transgender” due to their pro-science conviction that it’s impossible to transition gender. Facebook’s “fact-checkers” also ranked another article at the Christian website false for accurately quoting Bill Gates when he said that large gatherings could not resume until there was a vaccine discovered. The “fact-checkers” claimed that Bill Gates did not have the authority to keep groups from gathering; nonetheless, Bill Gates was accurately quoted. If anything, the “fact-checkers” should have fact-checked Bill Gates, not the publication that quoted him.

This type of censorship is replete throughout big tech companies in the United States. They have “fact-checked” the conservative satire site, the Babylon Bee and fact-checked President Trump’s tweets, using liberal talking-points to allege POTUS’ claims are inaccurate, even when they are subjective.

Weeks ago, the Montana Daily Gazette published an article entitled All Test Subjects of Bill Gates’ Vaccine Ended Up With Coronavirus. The story was concise, factual, and clear; medical researchers are warning that the vaccine currently funded and lauded by Bill Gates failed so miserably to prevent coronavirus in its primate test subjects that 100% of them got coronavirus once exposed.

The article quoted Dr William Haseltine, “a former Harvard Medical School professor who played a central part in early HIV/Aids treatment development.” The article quoted Forbes Magazine, The New Statesmen, and medical researchers at the University of Edinburgh. Simply put, the vaccine did not prevent the spread of coronavirus in primates.

However, that article has now been rated as “inaccurate” by Facebook’s leftwing “fact-checker.”

Notice that the headline of the “fact-checker” omitted an important qualifying point added by the Montana Daily Gazette. The headline reads, “Article inaccurately claims that coronavirus vaccine by Oxford researchers caused animal test subjects to develop COVID-19.” However, our article intentionally added a qualifier in the words “when exposed to the virus.” We did not claim that the vaccine gave coronavirus, but rather that the test subjects – who were presumed immune – were exposed to the virus and they then contracted it.

That is 100% accurate.

However, Facebook’s “fact-checker” claimed that the Gazette “cherry-picked” information, omitting the fact that the vaccinated monkeys were “protected” from a symptom of coronavirus, viral pneumonia. Why did the Gazette not include that fact? It’s because the fact is impertinent. Most humans are asymptomatic when positive for coronavirus and it should not be a surprise that some primate would be asymptomatic. But a vaccine is – in theory- supposed to make one immune from contracting an illness, something that Gates’ vaccine fails at accomplishing.

Likewise, the “fact-checker” claimed that the Gazette article was false because Bill Gates is not a scientist and not personally involved in the vaccine development. But this is a claim that the Gazette never made. We referred to it as “Gates’ vaccine” because – as the “fact-checker” acknowledges, it is funded by Bill Gates. It is not unique to the Montana Daily Gazette to refer to this particular vaccine as “Bill Gates’ vaccine.” And calling it such does not imply he’s the scientist in a lab coat mixing vials. Publications like the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the St. Louis Dispatch have all referred to the vaccine produced by the Oxford group as “Gates’ vaccine.”

Finally, the “fact-checkers” claims that the sources used by the Montana Daily Gazette are “anonymous.” They most certainly are not. Each source used was both cited and hyperlinked to the primary source. And by clicking on the ‘about’ section of the Montana Daily Gazette website you can find the contact information and full biography of the Gazette publisher.

In the end, news consumers need to decide who they will believe, the alternative news sources carefully reporting information and providing the links so you can research the articles yourself, or a third-party “fact-checkers” who makes biased and inaccurate judgments in order to distort and delegitimize America’s real news.


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