Bozeman City Commissioner Breaks Her Social Distancing Rules to Attend Extremist Rally


Many Americans have been raising an eyebrow over what appears to be a convenient double-standard among the nation’s political leftwing. In most states and municipalities that still aren’t allowing churches or businesses to open at full capacity because of coronavirus contagion, their Democrat leadership are attending mass protests and shoulder-to-shoulder riots.

Statements against church and businesses openings but permit riots, like the one below, are particularly rife with double-standards.

Montana isn’t immune to such double-standards. The City of Bozeman has been routinely behind the re-opening timetable set by Governor Bullock and its city commissioners have begged for extreme caution in regard to social distancing.

I Ho Pomeroy

Bozeman operates its city government by a panel consisting of four city commissioners (one of whom serves as a deputy mayor) and mayor. The five-person panel is responsible for setting policies of the municipality. And one of those commissioners is I Ho Pomeroy, the owner of Own I Ho’s Korean Grill and husband to Derik Pomeroy, an attorney and anti-Trump activist who claims on his Facebook page that Donald Trump will “kill entire families” and “torture people.”

Currently, Phase 2 of Montana’s re-opening still recommends that groups be limited to less than 50 people when social distancing of 6-feet cannot be maintained.

And the Bozeman City Commission has repeatedly supported – and at times, even went beyond – the stipulations recommended (and in some cases, ordered) by Governor Bullock’s state of emergency declarations.

Pomeroy has repeatedly lectured the public to maintain social distancing.

Pomeroy has even gone so far to prevent the spread of the Chinese Virus to check the customers at her restaurant for a high temperature before seating them (see below).

And the orders issued by Bozeman’s City Commission and Gallatin County couldn’t be clearer about how residents should protect themselves and the more vulnerable in our communities against the spread of COVID-19.

Consider this press release from Gallatin County on May 28, which says that groups of 50 or more people should not meet without adequate social distancing even during Phase 2 (which began June 1).

And here’s another from June 2 from Gallatin County Health Department, stating that residents should keep a six-foot distance from one another.

But despite the orders handed down by the Bozeman City Commission and the Gallatin County Health Department – the same orders that have kept businesses and churches from opening to full capacity – I Ho Pomeroy still gathered at the race protests in Bozeman without any respect for social distancing guidelines that as a city commissioner she voted for.

Here, she stands with Billy McWilliams, a Democrat activist, without the same social distancing she was demanding of the public only a week ago.

For Democrats, it’s not been “essential” for most businesses to be open and it’s not been “essential” for churches to open their doors to the public. But apparently, virtue-signaling in protest against local law enforcement for an act of police brutality that is being prosecuted in Minnesota is an essential activity and coronavirus cares can be cast to the wind with reckless abandon.

Montanans deserve municipal, county, and state leaders who don’t govern with double-standards enforced to the degree of their political correctness.


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