Irony: Antifa Puts Up Wall, Deports Aliens to Protect Its Border

A protester uses a scope on top of a barricade to look for police approaching the newly created Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, Washington on June 11, 2020. - The area surrounding the East Precinct building has come to be known as the CHAZ, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Volunteer medics are available to tend to medical needs, alongside tents with medical supplies, gourmet food donated form local restaurants, fruit, snacks, water bottles free for whomever needed them. (Photo by Jason Redmond / AFP) (Photo by JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images)

It turns out, controlling a territory requires knowing who’s coming and going across the border and occasionally deporting those who came illegally. Or at least that’s the lesson learned from Antifa, who criminally took control of six city blocks in Seattle and immediately began to implement a border policy that looks a lot like Donald Trump’s (except there’s no due process and it’s far less humane).

“CHAZ” Border Wall

Seattle’s Democratic mayor has stood back and watched 15 square miles (6 city blocks) be taken over by the alt-left terrorism organization, Antifa. Mayor Jenny Durkan even hoped that the “experiment” would go on indefinitely and likened it to the “Summer of Love.” The rioters call the area the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” and forbids police from venturing in. They also have commandeered all food resources to give it away for “free” and turned over control to a warlord named Raz Simone, a violent rapper with a criminal background.

This garden will be able to grow a hardy batch of grass, weeds, and possibly fungus. It’s doubtful anything else could survive it.

Liberals have applauded the “autonomous zone” as a grand leftist experiment. Not only is food “free” for the taking, but communism documentaries are played at night for the crowds of homeless rioters. A home-and-garden store was looted and a “community garden” was planted (top-soil was dumped out on top of cardboard boxes and seedlings were shoved randomly in place).

Demands from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) also sound like a Communist utopian’s dream. These demands include white Seattle residents taking up a collection of ten million dollars to be disbursed to their black neighbors and a list of other demands including a dismantling of the local police force, a retrial for all persons-of-color, and a city boycott of white businesses in favor of black businesses.

Perhaps most intriguing, however, is the departure of Antifa from the open-border policies it has advocated for at the national level and the placement of improvised walls and barricades (pictured above) around the CHAZ border (a diagram is below).

On top of installing a border wall around its borders, CHAZ-Antifa warlords have also been conducting deportations. Along with deporting police officers and white folks, the group also began deporting Mexican nationals from from within its territory (watch below):


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