Montana Liberals Claim Gun Rights Hurt Democracy


Hordes of Montana’s über-white, virtue-signaling protestors in Billings, Bozeman, Helena, and Missoula are doing their best impression of America’s urban cities. Although acts – or even allegations – of race-based police brutality are far from the Big Sky State, Montana’s privileged millennials still feel the need to show solidarity with the inner-city denizens of Instagram. Flooding their social media timeline with raised fists ‘fighting the power,’ the crowds of ninety-percent Caucasian sorority girls and their mothers are showing the world that they’re fashionably anti-racist.

Although Montana remains a calm and welcoming place to racial minorities (the Anti-Defamation League demonstrates that hate-crimes are virtually non-existent here), the state’s socially conscious leftists abandoned their “save a life, stay home” Facebook avatars two weeks ago to gather en masse to protest the death of George Floyd, a recidivist (and sometimes violent) criminal who appears to have been killed by police brutality in Minneapolis. Despite Floyd having a low moral character by virtually any standard, allegedly trying to pass counterfeit currency, and having enough illegal drugs in his system to kill a horse, the world has become outraged that police placed a knee in his neck long enough for Floyd to die. It only makes sense that people are angry; it makes less sense to protest a system that promptly arrested and charged his alleged killer and accomplices with murder.

Nonetheless, as signs began to be lifted by Montana protestors with the name of “Black Lives Matter” – an organization that has been blamed for acts of violence ranging from property destruction to the death of police officers in 2016 – and as rumors circulated that Antifa was busing in out-of-state agitators (which they are prone to do and in fact have done in recent weeks), some counter-protesters have surfaced at Montana’s “What are we protesting exactly?” rallies.

As you would expect in Montana, a few counter-protestors have open-carried firearms. None have shown poor trigger discipline. None have threatened protestors. None have been arrested for illegal behavior. In fact, some laid down their own flags and signs to protect Black Lives Matter protestors who were feeling vulnerable outside their university safe-spaces.

None of these realities have stopped Montana’s liberals from swooning on their fainting couches with trembling whimpers that the Second Amendment exists.

On the progressive junk-blog entitled the Montana Post, a guest post was published today that was written by Rachell Rivas, Eran Thompson, Judith Heilman, Lauren Small Rodriguez, and Dustin Monroe. All five co-authors serve in some capacity with snowflake activism on the left, mainly in pro-Democrat lobbying organizations that masquerade as minority or Indigenous special interest groups. And all the authors apparently feel that the First Amendment is okay, but that somehow the Second Amendment will be the downfall of democracy.

The leftists write, “These white guys with guns inserting themselves at anti-racist events are there to distract from the message of racial justice and the changes that the Black Lives Matter movement is seeking…These paramilitary activists don’t give two shakes about stopping systematic racism. They are using big guns in an attempt to further oppress black and brown people and to normalize the weapons of war on our streets.

According to local news reports, the “white guys with guns” aren’t actually disturbing the race-based hissy fits. They’re actually congregating across the street or in some cases a block or more away, just to keep an eye on the situation. And in case someone thinks that’s totally unnecessary, all they have to do is watch the news to see how angry riots that demonize a significant portion of the population sometimes get out of hand. Their actions seem perfectly peaceful and perfectly reasonable.

We don’t want to minimize the Critical Race Theory story-telling of protestors or minimize their emotional fragility, but it’s doubtful that “white guys with guns” are making “black and brown people” feel oppressed. First, this class of protestors always feel oppressed because anything and everything can be a potential micro-aggression. But secondly, the protest crowds in Montana have been ninety percent Caucasian. This is not the “white guy versus brown lady” narrative that the Montana Post is trying to make it out to be. Be honest; both protestors and non-protestors are mostly Caucasian. College-aged white girls who just passed their gender studies class and who have a major in White Guilt don’t become brown by virtue of protesting.

The snowflakes continue with a blizzard of catastrophization…

The messages of community safety, police accountability, racial equity, and the undoing of a history of white supremacy are at risk of being drowned out by the potential of whizzing bullets and the bully tactics of armed paramilitaries.

They then added, “These militia activists are not spontaneous attendees, they are 21st century lynch mobs, and they are using Black Lives Matter events as an excuse to control and manipulate our communities under the threat of violence.

The leftists engage in what is called “catastrophizing” or “catastrophization,” a common component of fragility culture. Essentially, catastrophizing is when gross exaggerations are made which may correspond to a fragile person’s feelings, but not reality (for example, claiming that unpopular opinions are the same as “violence” or that dirty looks are “aggression”).

There have been no reports of “lynching” and no police reports have been made for “threats of violence” (that’s a crime in Montana under state law §45-5-203). No bullets have “whizzed.” In fact, armed citizens should be praised, if anything, for maintaining good trigger discipline.

The leftists continue, “They are seeking to further erode our weak gun laws and obsessively put more weapons of war into the hands of angry white men. Conversations about creating inclusive democracy don’t happen at a barrel of a gun.”

The racist overtones aside (as though only “white men” unlawfully use firearms) and their ignorance as to what a “weapon of war” is (militaries do not use the civilian AR-15 sporting rifle) ignored, one wonders why fewer guns are the answer to police brutality.

The problem with Montana’s leftists, like all leftists, doesn’t seem to be that they don’t mean well. It’s that they refuse to face a reality where their first naive instincts aren’t practical solutions. If police cannot be trusted to protect us, so they say, it would only make sense that we should have weapons to protect ourselves. And if “racist white men” are running around with guns and pose a legitimate threat to Montana’s black, brown, and red community, then it only makes sense they have access to firearms themselves.

Instead, so it seems, Montana’s liberals want to disarm minorities just as quickly as they disarm the rest of us. At the same time, they claim the police are out to hurt us. And if that’s not a recipe for disaster, nothing is.


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