Op-Ed: Leftist Crybaby Don Pogreba Throws Tantrum About Liberty Rally


Don Pogreba, the bolshevik blogger who runs the “progressive” Montana Post and probably pens the Extremist Chronicles blog for Llew Jones’ shrinking RINO herd, really doesn’t like conservative rallies. And by that I mean, every time he throws a hissy fit a wet-spot is left beneath his stamping feet of indignation. Rioting leftists chanting anti-cop slogans is just a beautiful glimpse into American democracy for Pogreba, but if conservatives get together to wave flags it’s the end of times.

Pogreba’s Montana Post claimed that the April 19 ‘Freedom Rally’ would cause a coronavirus resurgence in Montana and basically be responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of our neighbors. His post at the time claimed that the Freedom Rally would cause the state’s reopening to be delayed and said the rally was, “a blatant disregard for this state’s health, and the first responders, essential workers, and health care officials on the front lines.

He went on to write that, “Intentionally gathering, intentionally standing next to other humans and breathing those particles that can travel multiple feet, and then traveling home to their own counties, neighborhoods, and communities. Every single human who attended this rally is now a Typhoid Mary returning to their community.”

But this isn’t the only time that Pogreba claimed that conservatives getting together would cause the Black Death and possibly end the world. He also claimed that police should bust the heads of attendees at any such rally and arrest those attending. You know, to save Montana from death and impending destruction and everything…

But then again, this is the guy who published a garbage-post about Rep. Theresa Manzella getting her nails done mid-pandemic, possibly being responsible for all of Ravalli County being infected.

Basically, if conservatives even bother getting out of the house, then a racism dirty-bomb filled with Wuhan Virus-shrapnel might set-off the Yellowstone Super Volcano and destroy Montana. Or, at least, that’s Don Pogreba’s world.

Don Pogreba, with an overlay on his Facebook profile picture for Mike Cooney, Democratic candidate for governor.

Contrast the impending apocalypses advertised at the Montana Post, all to be blamed on conservatives who gather in groups of zero or more, with his glowing support for mass gatherings of liberals. To Pogreba, Coronavirus can apparently only affect Trump-voters, church-goers, and flag-wavers. Lily-white sorority girls holding up hand-made “Black Lives Matter” signs shoulder-to-shoulder can’t possibly spread Kung Flu in Pogreba’s utopian mental paradise. Such is the way liberals’ minds work, anyway, and on June 7 Pogreba was praising 8 thousand Montanans virtue-twerking at mass rallies with and without masks.

But all of those contradictions pale in comparison to the epic hissy fit the leftist muckraker just threw over Theresa Manzella signing on to speak at this weekend’s Liberty Rally with constitution-toting, flag-waving, man-beared-American, Ammon Bundy.

As the father to five children (and three girls), I’m actually adept at deciphering and translating screeching, hysterical girl-squeals and irrational hissy tantrums into plain English. Ergo, I was able to understand what Pogreba was saying in between his paragraphs of hiccupping, mascara-running conniption fits. In his post, Theresa Manzella to Speak at a Bundy Militia Group in Idaho, Pogreba was expressing displeasure that Manzella and other conservatives weren’t locked in their basements while thousands of liberals were out protesting.

The brazenness of conservatives to protest while Antifa and Black Lives Matter marched in the streets was enough to make the liberal blogger incensed. White folks are supposed to be kowtowing in lament for their white privilege and apologizing for the sins of their ancestors, not being carried along with their Ghetto uprising plans.

Pogreba writes, “And I know that, despite Manzella’s support for armed militia groups, dangerous, irresponsible theories about vaccinations, anti-Muslim bigotry, and support for the Confederacy and secession, the media covering Ravalli County has failed in their responsibility to educate voters about her absurd, dangerous views.  I can’t believe that most Montanans, even in Ravalli County, believe in armed occupations of federal facilities, armed militia groups, and governing by conspiracy theories.”

The thing is about Pogreba, as with most liberals, is that his hypocrisy should be award-winning (but Pogreba’s tribe only hands out participation trophies). While complaining about Bundy’s “armed occupation of federal facilities” (he was found innocent in a court of law of any wrong-doing), Montana’s liberals – like Pogreba – are supporting the armed take-over of six city blocks of private and public property in Seattle by violent inner-city warlords.

Do you think Pogreba would complain if Manzella was appearing at a rally speaking alongside rioters and violent looters holding up “Black Lives Matter” signs? It’s doubtful, although he might complain that they would speak alongside Manzella.

Montana’s liberals continue to lose elections because they look down at voters and refer to armed citizens as “militia groups,” scientific inquiry about vaccine reports as “dangerous and irresponsible theories,” characterizing being anti-terrorist as anti-Muslim, and support for the local control of government as “confederate secession.” We are, to Don Pogreba and those like him, a basket of deplorables.

And that’s why conservatives keep winning elections. The double-standards of Montana liberals are as distasteful as their mischaracterization of ordinary voters who they see as hopeless racists, homophobes, xenophobes, or radical militia members. Truth be told, we are not that radical; we just appear to be radical to people who live life with their pinky stuck out.

[Publisher’s Note: This op-ed was provided by Jordan Hall, Sidney]


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  1. Theresa Manzella an excellent legislature. Ammon Bundy, knows of which he speaks. He has been there, and survived the trial by fire.


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