Headlines Montana's Liberals Upset Gun-Owners Keeping an Eye on Protests

Montana’s Liberals Upset Gun-Owners Keeping an Eye on Protests


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If press reports, op-eds, and letters-to-the-editor around Montana are any indication, liberals seem easily frightened. One would think that people gathering to march en masse with clenched fists raised towards the heavens in angry chants wouldn’t be so easily intimidated, but nonetheless it seems so. As “Black Lives Matter” protests go on nearly daily in Montana’s cities, the participants seem increasingly terrified that gun-owners are standing by to ensure the crowds don’t get out of hand.

Mark Holston of Kalispell is an outspoken liberal and fringe leftwing activist who regularly complains in social media about Dr. Annie Bukacek, a prominent local physician who is also known for having conservative opinions on topics ranging from abortion to the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020. And Holston demonstrated his snowflake fragility by writing to the Flathead Beacon complaining of the “heavily armed vigilantes” standing by peacefully exercising their Second Amendment rights watching other people exercise their First Amendment rights.

Holston writes, “Who is responsible for ‘ensuring safety for the entire community?’ A group of heavily armed vigilantes with no legal right to assume this role or the organization we in the community pay taxes for to carry out that function, the Kalispell Police Department?”

Ironically, the Black Lives Matter protestors with whom Holston coalesces were calling to defund Montana police departments. And without the slightest indication that he understands irony enough to positively identify it, Holston sends out a bat-signal for the Kalispell Police Department to ‘ensure the safety for the entire community.”

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This is the world in which liberals live, one in which the pain of cognitive dissonance fades away into the blissful unawareness of contradictions. Of course, the protestors can’t tell the police to go to hell on one hand while summoning the police as the only ones with the “legal right” to “ensure the safety of the community” with the other.

While protests in Montana have remained relatively peaceful, there have been escalations. Police in Helena made several arrests over the weekend as groups clashed. Some protestors laid down in the street to impede traffic (see below).

Riot police also stood over the crowd, watching in case the two sides got violent (see below).

But despite Montana’s relatively peaceful disputes between virtue-signaling college students and local cowboy-hat wearing locals, the fact remains that Black Lives Matter and Antifa-organized protests have gotten exceedingly violent throughout the nation.

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More than 35 cities nationwide have experienced looting and violence. More than 100 have experienced vandalism and property damage. Twenty-five states have called in the National Guard. Police stations have been burned down or vandalized in numerous cities, most notably in Minneapolis. And in Seattle, protestors have taken over six entire city blocks, running off the police, putting up a border wall, declaring themselves an autonomous nation, and sexually assaulting and choking a street-evangelist over the weekend.

In moral rural areas, “armed vigilantes” (as liberals call them) have kept protests peaceful when there was every sign they were about to get violent. In nearby Cour d’Alene, Idaho, armed locals kept Antifa at bay. And in nearby Dickinson, North Dakota, bikers kept protestors from causing community damage.

The guffawing of Montana’s liberals at the concern protests may turn violent clearly don’t have the news on their televisions, radios, computers, or handheld devices. But what’s odd about the unique brand of Montana liberal, like the views expressed by Holston or those expressed by the Montana Post, is that they seem to think that firearms cause violence rather than deter it.

Holston writes, “What would have provoked them to lose it and open fire? That a gaggle of armed civilians would have the gall to presume that they can carry out a critically important function that should be left to the police is troubling.”

Clearly, Montana’s patriots have good trigger discipline because they have open-fired yet. But it is refreshing to see an anti-police protestor claim that controlling protestors is a legitimate function of the police. One must wonder why they’re protesting at all.


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