Will Jon Tester Object to Veterans Flag Being Bequeathed to George Floyd’s Family?


Will Montana’s Democratic senator, Jon Tester – who serves on the Veterans Affairs Committee in the U.S. Senate – stand with his Democratic colleague, Nancy Pelosi, or with veterans who are offended over her dishonoring of America’s service personnel?

With her coronavirus-prevention mask pulled down under her nose and mouth, the Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, bestowed a flag ordinarily reserved to honor fallen veterans to the brother of George Floyd. The service, held over the weekend, has frustrated the families of service personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America’s freedom.

Floyd did not die in the service of his country, but died in what most are calling an act of police brutality. Although Floyd’s autopsy reveals he was positive for COVID-19 and died with enough illegal drugs in his system to have sparked a death-causing ailment called “excited delirium,” most believe it was caused by the pressure of police officers holding him to the ground. As both Floyd and bystanders repeatedly told the officers he couldn’t breathe, public opinion heavily holds that his death was premeditated murder on the part of Officer Derek Chauvin and three other officers present at the scene.

Nonetheless, many Americans have treated Floyd not as a petty criminal (and in the past, a violent criminal) who wound up on the wrong side of an overly-zealous police officer’s knee, but as a messiah and martyr for racial equality. In reality the only thing Floyd officially served was his five-year prison sentence.

Perhaps no image better illustrates the bizarre halo-effect surrounding Floyd’s memory like the Speaker of the House bequeathing his family an honor flag. Surely, no drug-using, counterfeiting, recidivist criminal has ever been treated so royally.

The Office of Veterans Affairs says on their website, “A United States flag is provided, at no cost, to drape the casket or accompany the urn of a deceased Veteran who served honorably in the U. S. Armed Forces. It is furnished to honor the memory of a Veteran’s military service to his or her country…”

Many veterans and families of fallen veterans took great exception to the publicity stunt.

Jon Tester, one of Montana’s two senators and only senator from the Democratic Party, is a ranking member in the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee. His job is to look out for the interest of America’s service personnel, and Montana has one of the highest percentages of veterans in the United States.

Will he stand with U.S. military personnel and the families of fallen heroes or will Tester stand with Nancy Pelosi? The people of Montana deserve to know his loyalties.


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  1. She step over the line with this one. She should be voted out. I never served in the military but I have family members that have and she just spit in their faces by giving a criminal this honor.


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