Bozeman “Anti-Racism” Petition Secretly Funded By Communist Dark Money Group, Not Local Organizers


At first glance, the “Liberty Pledge” appears to be a common-sense and non-controversial statement against racism. But a closer glance at the document produced by the Western Montana leftists demonstrates that the scheme is an extortion racket, demanding money in exchange for the privilege to hang a virtue-signaling sign in the business window.

As reported by other Montana news publications, Bozeman businesses are being approach by activists, asking them to sign an anti-racism pledge. Simple enough, yes? Well, not so fast. Per usual, mainstream Montana press outlets have proven themselves incapable of actual journalism and unwilling to uncover necessary facts to adequately inform the public.

The Bozeman United for Racial Justice Invites the Businesses of Bozeman to commit to making Bozeman Safe, Free, and Welcoming to All statement, shortened to Bozeman Freedom Pledge or Bozeman Liberty Pledge, is produced by Bozeman United for Racial Justice, Montana State University’s Black Student Union and the Montana Racial Equity Project. All three of those groups have been busy in recent weeks protesting against local law enforcement for actions taken by Minnesota police officer, Derek Chauvin, and three of his fellow officers.

The Bozeman Chronicle claims, “[The organization, Bozeman United for Racial Justice] doesn’t have a set organizational structure” and implies the group is a grass-roots organization of local Montanans. However, it is not.

The group (shortened to BURJ) is a part of the Action Institute. There it is listed under another name, “Movement for Black Lives.” The Action Institute is a radically leftwing organization that recruits and facilitates dark money support for shell-organizations ultimately linked to George Soros.

Influence Watch says of Action Network, “The Action Network is an online tool for left-of-center outlets to organize, fundraise, and circulate petitions for liberal causes. Action Network was used to organize the left-of-center demonstration Women’s March, environmentalist protests against the Keystone XL pipeline, and the March for Our Lives events supporting gun control” (see below).

The origin of Action Network is that it was founded by “former digital director for then-U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) Brian Young in 2012. The Action Network was “born out of the Occupy Wall Street protests and promoted as a ‘family tree for progressive movements.'”

The Action Network organizes protests for climate change initiatives (like against the Keystone pipeline) and to election party members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The Action Network also partners with the Communist Party of the United States (see below).

Action also is associated with Young Communist League USA (link) and promotes the book, Marxist Literary Criticism Today.

The statement from Bozeman United For Racial Justice claims that people-of-color are routinely racially profiled by local institutions and area businesses, saying, “BIPOC folks consistently experience racial profiling and aggression in Bozeman institutions. Most of us – Black and brown Bozemanites – have not felt safe nor welcome in our community.”

If Bozeman businesses sign and display this pledge, they are impugning the character and integrity of Bozeman citizens with zero empirical data to support the claim that “black and brown people” are discriminated against in the city. BURJ offered no evidence to demonstrate the validity of the vicious accusations against the good people of Bozeman, which by all appearances and by statistical data from anti-racism watchdog groups is an open-minded and tolerant community.

Furthermore, the pledge requires businesses to give money to leftist causes. It includes the promise to engage in “fundraising for and donating to racial justice groups.” However, these groups – like Action – are owned and operated by out-of-state dark money Socialists and Communists who desire control over Montana’s communities.

Business owners who sign the pledge, additionally, will make it easier for this radicalized group to demonize, antagonize, boycott, and blackmail other businesses for not signing the propaganda. The only thing for community-oriented businesses to do is reject the pledge on the grounds that it is propagated and promoted by anti-American and anti-liberty organizations that, if they gain control, will hurt business and capitalize enterprises.


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