Fact Check: Did Greg Gianforte “Donate Hundreds of Thousands to Anti-LGBT Hate Group”?


The Montana Post, a muckraking progressive blog run by a leftist extremist in Helena named Don Pogreba, recently made the claim that Greg Gianforte “donated hundreds of thousands to anti-LGBT hate group.” Lots of accusations will be tossed about this general election season, and Montanans have a duty to stay informed from quality news sources that will present facts without the spin. The Montana Daily Gazette will provide the real information to correct fake news whenever it is published.

Pogreba wrote at the trash site, “Congressman Greg Gianforte claimed, through a spokesman, that “discrimination” is wrong, but donations of $280,000 to an anti-LGTBQ group so abhorrent they have been named a hate group tell the real story.”

As the story is told by the extremist, the “Gianforte Family Foundation has donated ‘at least $283,500 to the Alliance Defending Freedom’…” Pogreba was quoting the American Independent – a liberal ‘news’ site – in an article written by Josh Israel.

Israel is a leftist political operative who masquerades as a journalist, whose social media is full of support for organizations like ThinkProgress and is full of posts against American values, capitalism, and religious liberty (see below).

The article from Israel cites Gianforte’s family foundation giving money to the Alliance Defending Freedom. This is what Pogreba alleges is a “hate group.” And who says that the Alliance Defending Freedom – a mainstream pro-family organization – is a “hate group”?

It’s none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left extremist organization that also lists the American College of Pediatricians as a “hate-group” because the medical professionals are opposed to giving young children surgeries to mutilate their genitals. Other organizations on their list of hate groups include Focus on the Family, the organization founded by one of the nicest men alive, James Dobson, and the Family Research Council headed up by Tony Perkins.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is largely recognized as losing any and all credibility for labeling almost every conservative organization that promotes family and marriage as being a “hate group.” Notably, their labeling of the Family Research Council as a hate group motivated one deranged gunman to shoot up its headquarters.

But don’t take our word for it. Publications like USA Today and the Washington Post have also acknowledged that their designations of “hate groups” are entirely politically motivated.

While these organizations, usually run by committed Christians and constitutional conservatives, believe that marriage or gender shouldn’t be redefined based on radicalized political movements, they do not condone, tolerate, or promote hatred or violence upon those who choose to live lifestyles contrary to the moral ideal.

Greg Gianforte, unlike Don Pogreba at the Montana Post, is a successful entrepreneur and successful businessman in the private sector who has not made a living off of public tax dollars (Pogreba manipulates young minds in the Helena Public School System). And as a successful, self-made man, Gianforte has chosen to give liberally to causes he supports as a part of his personal values. And that, by no stretch of the imagination, is hateful.


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