Montana Homosexuals Mailing Out Pointless, Virtue-Signaling, Rainbow Face Masks


Face masks are proven not to be an effective means to stop the spread of coronavirus according to the National Academies of Medicine. As the University of Minnesota reports, “homemade fabric masks may capture large respiratory droplets, but there is no evidence they impede the transmission of aerosols implicated in the spread of COVID-19.”

But science doesn’t seem to deter the LGBTQ ‘community’ in Montana from thinking that gender can biologically change by wearing a wig or by personal decision-making, so why should they listen to medical science now?

Those making the rainbow-colored masks include Western Montana’s LGBT Community Center, a gay Indian organization called the Montana Two-Spirit Society, and the Gay Health Task Force.

Currently, the group has sewn almost one-thousand masks and although they originally intended the “pride” masks to be given only to Missoula residents, have started to send them out to other nations including Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil.

A string of leftist political leaders around the nation have encouraged citizens to wear face masks even though they don’t work in order to “signal their sympathy and solidarity with those who suffer from Coronavirus or are susceptible to the illness.”


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