Activism Video: 'Black Lives Matter' Leader Admits, "We are all...

Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Admits, “We are all trained Marxists”


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As Montana’s cities of Bozeman, Billings, Missoula, Helena, and Kalispell witnesses protestors holding up signs for “Black Lives Matter” (usually capitalized like a proper noun) they should consider that the expression is not an innocent slogan denoting the importance of the lives of black people. It is the name of a Neo-Marxist organization that exists to push a specific social and economic agenda. The term “useful idiot” was coined in 1948 to refer to well-meaning people who inadvertently spread Communist propaganda without knowing it. And this term is as pertinent to race protests and the easy way Montana’s millennials and California carpet-baggers have been convinced to shout the name of the radical leftist organization.

Black Lives Matter was formed in 2013 after the death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman, who shot Martin self-defense after the young man used the pavement as a weapon against his head. Today, its website says the organization is devoted to the LGBTQ Movement, the dismantling of the nuclear family, and socialist wealth-redistribution programs.

For example, the website says the organization seeks to, “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” Of course, welfare programs and wealth-redistribution schemes that punish wealth and subsidize laziness will indeed disrupt the nuclear family unit, as out-of-wedlock births and fatherlessness is supported by society through vote-buying financial pay-offs.

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Black Lives Matter’s commitment to wealth redistribution is seen in Montanas’ activists by their insistence on demanding that police departments be refunded and tax-dollars reallocated to social welfare programs. Marxist wealth-redistribution is the ultimate goal of Black Lives Matter, not racial equality.

And a video by the Black Lives Matter co-founder admits just that. In the video below, Patrisse Cullors acknowledges that they are “well-trained Marxists.”

Watch below.

As Montana’s Democrats – including Ralph Graybill, Kathleen Williams, Jon Tester, and Steve Bullock champion “Black Lives Matter,” remember that they are not making a statement about race. They’re issuing their support for economic and cultural Marxism.

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