Headlines BREAKING: Government Paid to Smuggle "Fresh, Never Frozen" Dead...

BREAKING: Government Paid to Smuggle “Fresh, Never Frozen” Dead Baby Parts Into Montana


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As previously covered by the Montana Daily Gazette, a lab in Hamilton, Montana, is being investigated by government watchdogs for (illegally) importing dead baby parts to conduct research on how to make “humanized mice.” Montana’s own “Island of Dr. Moreau” is the National Institutes of Health, headquartered in Hamilton, and the research is downright horrific.

Planned Parenthood lauded Steve Bullock when he signed HB606, giving taxpayer dollars to abortion clinics

Designed to conjoin human DNA with that of mice, the project was headed up by Democrat activist and scientist, Kim Hasenkrug. The Montana Daily Gazette reported in a follow-up piece to the original article that Hasenkrug tried to defend his importation of dead babies from California, claiming that the “Frankenstein research” was necessary to cure Coronavirus.

Judicial Watch reported today, “it received 165 pages of records from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showing the FDA between 2012 and 2018 entered into 8 contracts worth $96,370 with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) to acquire “fresh and never frozen” tissue from 1st and 2nd trimester aborted fetuses for use in creating “humanized mice” for ongoing research.”

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At least $18,100 dollars of that $96,370 went to the Hamilton Lab to import dead babies or their parts for roughly $700 an organ. That’s the price of a human life in Montana, at least when used to conduct bizarre scientific experiments. It appears that the Federal Government’s contract with abortion mills in California was lucrative for Planned Parenthood and other abortionists.

An advertisement on Steve Bullock’s campaign Facebook page, proudly displaying his endorsement from Planned Parenthood.

In a stomach-turning detail, emails released to Judicial Watch from their Freedom of Information Act requests show sales of dead baby parts to be referred to as “closeout” bargains. In addition to that detail, another one is also stomach-churning. The contract required “fresh, never frozen” baby organs. The slogan belongs to Wendy’s fast-food restaurant, and it’s how they market their burger patties.

The trade of human body parts in exchange for cash is a staple of the abortion industry, which is in part supported by Montana’s governor and Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, Steve Bullock. The easy access to killed infants allows for the black market of organs for medical research, like that conducted by the NIH lab in Hamilton, Montana – right under Steve Bullock’s nodding approval.

Lt. Governor Cooney, who currently serves under Bullock, has pledged to continue his support for the abortion industry if elected as Montana’s next governor. He is currently running against Republican challenger, Greg Gianforte.

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  1. When you are from one of America’s highest producing Beef market provider, you just cannot trust that business to a ‘Castrated Bull’.

  2. You know it’s deep state and globalist. There are so many evil people in such an oversized govt that the good guys have to pick and choose who to stop first – and with so many brain dead or brainwashed people not supporting good – they have to step in a very thoughtful and meticulous pattern or the whole house of cards crashes down and we the people will be we the slaves.

    The NIH is evil in many places, and Fauci used it to create the covid krap in Wuhan…

  3. How dare they. It leaves my stomach so sick just reading this. They will stand b4 God with so much blood on there hands, how dare they. Thank God these precious babies are in heaven right away in the arms of there loving savior since there own mother didn’t want to love them.


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