Headlines California Bans Travel to Idaho Because It Won't Let...

California Bans Travel to Idaho Because It Won’t Let Boys Beat Up Girls


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Transgenderism has killed the feminist movement. That’s the message being sent by the State of California that is punitively punishing states for not allowing boys who suffer from gender dysphoria beat up young ladies. While it seems odd that a state with an overtly left-of-center government would want to train boys to beat up girls, liberalism does not always make sense.

The State of California has a government budget of 214 billion dollars, the largest in the nation to match its economy, which boasts a whopping 3.2 trillion dollars, far larger than most nations (however, the population of the state is shrinking as residents are fleeing its oppressive taxation). Much of California’s official state business is transacted in other states, however, and the Golden State is using that taxpayer money to enact social change far outside its borders.

Montana’s neighboring state of Idaho is now the twelfth state on the list blacklisted by the California government for its “discriminatory” laws. And what are the discriminatory laws in Idaho? The state doesn’t want male athletes to compete against females.

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The attorney general of California announced on Monday, “Where states legislate discrimination, California unambiguously speaks out.” Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement, “The State of Idaho has taken drastic steps to undermine the rights of the transgender community, preventing people from playing sports in school or having documentation that reflects their identity.”

This young man races girls for the University of Montana.

Opponents, especially those who aren’t opposed to medical science and how human anatomy works, think that allowing someone to put a false gender or sex on their birth certificate or driver’s license is the opposite of “reflecting their identity.” Leftwing activists, however, think identity is a matter of subjective personal interpretation.

Drawing the ire of California the most was Idaho’s recent law, the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” (House Bill 500), sponsored by Rep. Barbara Ehardt. That legislation specifically prohibits boys from competing as females in events ranging from track to wrestling.

A whole slew of boys have made the news during 2019 for competing as females, slobber-knocking, and mercilessly dominating their female competitors. Some boys are brazen, refusing to even try to appropriate a female appearance before manhandling young ladies.

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Montana also has its share of gender-confused athletes. “Juniper Eastwood,” a young man who pretends to be a woman, races girls for the University of Montana track team.

Montana has yet to pass a similar law protecting women.


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