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Democratic Speaker of the House Wants ‘Review’ of Monuments to Washington and Jefferson Because They ‘Sinned’


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[PNP News] You know that whole suggestion that Democrats secretly despise America’s founders and want to tear down the foundations of American society?

Yeah, about that. It’s not so secret.

Pelosi admitted in an interview with the Washington Post Live that she’s for a review on how to best remove monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson safely.

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It’s good she has the interests and safety of anarchist barbarians in mind…right?

Invoking religious language, the pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, pro-theft, anti-religious liberty liberal said that slavery was a “sin” and therefore, the images of these leaders should be demolished after proper input is given on how to do it safely.

“I’m concerned about slavery in our country. I think it’s a sin. I also am concerned about what happened to Native Americans in our country, so we have a list of grievances that are part of the early years of our country and we do not want that to be continued by glorifying any of the people who perpetrated those injustices.”

Pelosi did speak against vigilantes tearing down the monuments, but said there should be “a review” about the best way to do it “safely.”

“I’m all for it. Let’s review this. Why are we glorifying the sins of the past?

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Of course, monuments to Washington and Jefferson – both of whom had realistic views of the institution of slavery and the feasibility of its immediate abolition – don’t glorify slavery. They commemorate the men who wrote liberty for all into the U.S. Constitution and who were vividly aware that the founding documents would lead to the abolition of slaves.

The Democratic Platform of 2020 is not glorifying past sins, of course, but present sins. Theft (socialism) covetousness (class envy), lying (about gender identity), sexual sins (promiscuity and homosexuality), and murder (abortion) are all essential parts of the Democratic Party platform.

[Publisher’s Note: This article was first published at PNP News]


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