Religion Fraud: D.C. Liberals Posing as Republicans Start Running Ads...

Fraud: D.C. Liberals Posing as Republicans Start Running Ads for Bullock in Montana


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Liberals posing as Republicans is a common electoral tactic in the Big Sky State. From Llew Jones’ Solutions Caucus in the Montana legislature to the U.S. Senate, Democrats can gain much by looking like conservatives. That strategy is now being employed by Steve Bullock’s Washington D.C. cronies who have taken a momentary break from attacking Donald Trump to endorse Steve Bullock for U.S. Senate.

However, Montana voters should beware that not everyone who claims to be a conservative or a Republican is one, and that is especially true regarding the latest campaign ads airing on our television sets. The so-called “Lincoln Project” is a group of supposed Republicans who organized as a Political Action Committee (PAC) to take on Donald Trump – ostensibly because, you know, Orange Man Bad.

The Great Falls Tribune, a slowly-dying leftwing print publication owned by USA Today, began their article on the Lincoln Project ads this way…

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So the group opposing both Donald Trump and Steve Daines are “Republicans”? While it’s possible a group of genuine Republicans may oppose President Trump on account of his penchant for saying politically incorrect things (or some other petty grievance), what’s the chance that opposing Trump and Republican incumbents around the country is legitimately being done by real “Republicans”? The chance is a fat one.

The Lincoln Project’s video advertisement for Bullock says, “Bullock represents the best of America’s ideals. He cares about his constituents and works every day to make sure their lives are better.

And yet, the bulk of The Lincoln Project’s influence with conservatives is based upon their fraudulent claim that they are Republicans in something other than name only. But here are the facts about what this outside special interest group really is (from PNP News, below).

The Lincoln Project is a collaboration among “leftist” Republicans known as RINOs, standing for Republicans In Name Only. A list of its founders looks like a Who’s Who of the most fringe leftist elements that regularly masquerade as Republicans, including Kellyanne Conway’s Never Trumper husband, George Conway, a former political strategist for RINO Republicans John McCain and Arnold Schwarzeneggar (Steve Schmidt), a political strategist with the Kasich presidential campaign (John Weaver), and author of a book entitled Everything Trump Touches Dies (Rick Wilson).

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Montana should be forewarned, out-of-state supporters of Steve Bullock are willing to do anything necessary, including lie about who they are, to see his election to the U.S. Senate. The reason is simple: As the Montana Daily Gazette has previously reported, Trump’s future as POTUS depends not just upon his 2020 election, but upon Steve Daines’ election. Even if Trump is re-elected, if Bullock wins his race against Daines, the balance-of-power will likely flip in the Senate, leaving 100% odds that Trump will be impeached by Democrats in the House (again) and this time, the Senate won’t be there to save him.

If these anti-Trump fake “Republican” groups are to succeed in the event of a Trump victory in 2020, they will need to have Steve Bullock in place to do their dirty work and impeach the U.S. President.


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