Governor Bullock’s Supporters BEG Him to Make Masks Mandatory


Governor Bullock used his Facebook platform yesterday to plea with Montanans to continue wearing masks in public places. In response to his public health advice, a whole gaggle of liberal-leaning Montanans begged Bullock to follow in the footsteps of California’s Governor Newsom and make masks mandatory for everyone leaving their homes. In the meantime, most now realize that the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus is marginal at best, with many leading medical professionals (like neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock) claiming masks are counterproductive and unhealthy.

Bullock said on Facebook yesterday, “Folks, it’s simple: we aren’t asking you to wear a mask while enjoying public lands or when you’re at home. Do so at the grocery store, the pharmacy, grabbing a coffee. That fifteen minutes of inconvenience can make all the difference between one case turning into a dozen more.”

See below:

Despite Planned Parenthood of Montana being far more deadly in the Big Sky State than Coronavirus, Bullock’s liberal followers clamored for a California-type approach to virus mitigation. Keep in mind, there have only been 21 deaths statewide due to Coronavirus (if you can believe the death certificates) and each and every one of those have been people with two or more co-occurring life-threatening conditions.

However, Governor Bullock attracts California-style liberals like a flame attracts moths, and he was soon inundated with desperate pleas to make masks mandatory so that Montana can recover from this virus that kills literally zero healthy people.

Essentially, these Montana residents represent a contingent of COVID burka-wearers who don’t understand that contagion rates don’t matter if the death-rate is a paper tiger and they want you to wear a mask so they don’t feel so stupid about it.

Governor Bullock is running for the U.S. Senate against Senator Steve Daines. It should be remembered in November exactly who the types of voters are that form the foundation of his fanbase. Bullock’s supporters are largely people who are averse to facts, incapable of weighing the evidence and coming to sound judgments, and who want Montana to be governed like California.


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  1. I don’t know who wrote this but it is illogical and bigoted (ie. “COVID burka-wearers”). I am frankly appalled that you would try to shame anyone wearing a mask to save the lives of others. Your assertion that masks don’t help stop the spread of the corona-virus is patently false. I could site plenty of scientific literature proving this. Practically, New York has less new cases per capita (despite it’s dense population) than Montana because everyone wears masks. Also, the death rate follows the case rate by a month and those that don’t die can have serious lifelong health complications.


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