Montana Teacher’s Union Chooses *Actual Communist* As New President


The Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) is the largest union in the Big Sky State, with over 25,000 members, with more than six-thousand working in taxpayer-funded jobs. Many of those 6,500 taxpayer-funded members are public school teachers who pay a portion of their salary to MFPE which offers exclusively Democrat and left-wing political endorsements. The organization’s president chiefly serves the function of attacking Republican political candidates, who they perceive to have platforms contrary to the personal agenda of public employees who make their income from tax revenue.

The MFPE’s new president is Amanda Curtis, a former state legislator and a high school biology teacher in Butte. She is also a failed candidate for statewide office. But Curtis has a new job – attacking Greg Gianforte and a roster of other Republican candidates from her new position at MFPE.

Do Montana’s employees and public school teachers know that Amanda Curtis is an actual, real-life, card-carrying Communist? If not, they should.

Curtis’ Marxist ties were first discovered when she was nominated for the United States Senate by the Montana Democratic Party in August of 2014. That’s when it was discovered that she had just tagged herself in a photograph featuring a banner for “Industrial Workers of the World,” a Communist organization.

Credit to these folks for the screenshot and additional information.

At the start of the “Red Scare” in 1946, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) passed a resolution differentiating themselves from Bolshevik communists on the grounds that they believed in democracy rather than dictatorships, but since then have embraced thoroughly Communist economic policies. And since the end of McCarthyism, the union has come back up ‘above ground’ for Communist causes. Their explicit, stated goal is to “end Capitalism.”

Commonly known as “Wobblies,” the activist union has ties to both socialist and anarchist movements. Their goals are to create “one big union and destroy capitalism.” They were founded in 1905 by “Big Bill Hayworth,” an atheist and Communist. The organization supports radical groups like Earth First, the Black Panthers, and Palestinian terrorists. Their most prominent member is Marxist thought-leader, Noam Chomsky.

Curtis’ husband was listed as the Butte delegate for the Wobblies and she was listed as their primary legislative contact during her term in the Montana legislature.

Curtis is a member of the “Two Rivers Branch of the Industrial Worker’s of the World” branch in Montana and this is their stated goal:

The Two Rivers General Membership Branch consists of members of the Industrial Workers of the World, a.k.a. Wobblies, from across the state of Montana (Missoula, Hamilton, Butte, and Billings). We are working to organize the people of Montana into the One Big Union to end wage slavery and eventually end the capitalist system.

And who is Curtis working to elect as a part of her presidency at the union? She’s working to elect current Lt. Governor Mike Cooney as the next governor of Montana and is opposing Greg Gianforte.

Curtis recently said of Gianforte, “Greg Gianforte is, I believe, the second richest man in Congress, and can self fund his own candidacy, just like he self funds his own school and just as he funds other extremist political campaigns.”

Please note: The Communist says that Greg Gianforte supports extremists. If irony is not dead, it is endangered.

She went on, “Because of that, and because of his track record and his voting record, Montana MFPE members voted this spring to condemn his candidacy, and our members have never voted to condemn a candidacy before.”

Montana voters should be aware that when they see this type of fear-mongering campaign against Greg Gianforte it’s being orchestrated by actual Communists who want to end Capitalism. And Montana’s public employees – especially schoolteachers – need to know that their union dollars are going to support this kind of misinformation.


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  1. If you haven’t read James Clavell’s, The Children’s Story, I highly recommend it. A 10-15 min read. Explains what you’re seeing today. The results of public school indoctrination. Also presented as a thirty-minute short film for television on Mobil Showcase.

  2. Bit of irony here. While AntifFa and BLM are tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington because they owned slaves in the 18th Century, Montana Teacher’s Union elects a president who subscribes to the most abhorrent slavery organization ever seen on the face of the Earth. The communist party of the Twentieth Century and Twentyfirst Century.

    Over the course of the Twentieth Century the communists murdered over 100,000,000 men, women, and children. A lot of those murders occurred in the system of slave labor camps run by the communists, commonly known as gulags.

    “At its height the Gulag consisted of many hundreds of camps, with the average camp holding 2,000–10,000 prisoners. Most of these camps were “corrective labour colonies” in which prisoners felled timber, laboured on general construction projects (such as the building of canals and railroads), or worked in mines. Most prisoners laboured under the threat of starvation or execution if they refused. It is estimated that the combination of very long working hours, harsh climatic and other working conditions, inadequate food, and summary executions killed tens of thousands of prisoners each year. Western scholarly estimates of the total number of deaths in the Gulag in the period from 1918 to 1956 ranged from 1.2 to 1.7 million.”

    It is estimated that from in the 24 year period between 1929-1953 there were 18 million slave laborers sent to the Gulag, although former Gulag inmate and author Alexander Solzhenitsyn put the number of slaves held by the Soviets as high as 50 million slave laborers, compared to perhaps 4 million slaves in the American South of 1860.

    The Chinese Communists and the North Korean Communists currently hold millions of slaves imprisoned in their slave labor gulags.

    So how is it that 18th Century slave owners like Washington and Jefferson are getting their statues torn down, while the Montana Teacher’s Union elects a modern-day adherent and supporter of the most egregiously abhorrent slavery institution as their president?

  3. Good job Montana Teachers🙄 How are these people even teachers? How does an educated person not know the horrible atrocities that come with Communism? Communism has never worked! Stop being brainwashed sheep.

  4. There is a federal law declaring it is illegal for anyone to be a communist card carrier , if the schools take federal money she can be prosecuted


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