Activism BREAKING: Montana Protestor Topples 10 Commandments Monument, Drags It...

BREAKING: Montana Protestor Topples 10 Commandments Monument, Drags It Down Street With Pickup


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Although Montana’s leftwingers claim that anti-police protests around the Big Sky State are peaceful and that citizens being on guard for potential lawlessness amounts to “intimidation,” it appears that there is indeed an ugly side to the activists. They just pulled down a monument to the Ten Commandments, chained it to a pickup, and drove off with it being dragged down the street.

Flathead 411 posted a video (credit: Dusty Jones) of workers placing the monument, abandoned in the middle of the street across the yellow line, into a skid steer bucket to be transported out of the way of traffic.

According to the local news page, “Locals are saying they saw someone in a big truck chain up to a ten commandments statue near the courthouse and drag it down the road and that he is in custody.”

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Watch the video below.

BREAKING: Protestor tears down 10 Commandments monument in Kalispell, drags it down street with pickup truck.

Posted by Montana Daily Gazette on Saturday, June 27, 2020

It is unclear if the culprit is associated officially with the group Black Lives Matter or another social injustice organization, but the event is one of the latest string of vandalism being done to monuments that undergird Western Civilization or celebrate America’s Judeo-Christian founding.

Anthony Craig Weimer, reportedly, is the assailant. Little is currently known about Weimer besides public press reports that he was already accused of vandalism at the age of 13 back in 2003.

The monument (below) was located at the Flathead County Courthouse.

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The monument, and others like it throughout the state, have been placed by the Jefferson Madison Center for Religious Liberty. There are five other similar monuments in the towns of Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Miles City, and Helena.

Residents aren’t too happy about the vandalism. On Facebook, they expressed their distaste for the act of violence against the monument.


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