Swastikas Painted By Black Protestor to Frame “Alt-Right,” Investigation Reveals


When graffiti depicting Nazi swastikas appeared on the tombstones and monuments in a Roman Catholic graveyard, one might assume they were left by “alt-right” activists. But that’s exactly what Keveon Gomera – a Black Lives Matter protestor – wanted people to think. However, thanks to quick-thinking public safety officers, the man was caught shortly after the offense.

Two friars associated with Providence College in Rhode Island released a statement about the crime, condemning the act. They told the press, “Officers approached the individual to question what he was doing and to confirm the vandalism when they noticed the suspect had painted swastikas and anti-Catholic language on the cemetery’s central cross and on several of the headstones, and was actively burning American flags that stood at some of the gravesites.”

Keveon Gomera

The man vandalized seven tombstones as well as the central cross monument that was the epicenter of the graveyard. One individual told authorities they saw Gomera heading to the area with a can of paint and he told them the university (to which the graveyard is adjacent) were “slave plantations.”

Perpetrating fake “hate crimes” or engaging in legitimate but falsely attributed hate crimes, has been a regular tool of America’s left. One Episcopal church suffered pro-Trump graffiti that was anti-homosexual, but it turned out to be the church’s gay organist. Amari Allen is a twelve-year-old black girl who claimed that white boys raped her while saying racist things (it turned out to be a hoax). Jussie Smollett claimed he was the victim of an intended lynching (it turned out to be a hoax).

The Wall Street Journal reports that only 1 in 3 reported hate crimes is genuinely perpetrated and 2/3 are hoaxes.


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