Headlines George W. Bush Administration RINOs Endorse Biden

George W. Bush Administration RINOs Endorse Biden


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Since his inauguration, President Donald J. Trump has battled the so-called Deep State, entrenched bureaucrats within the Beltway who have a vested interest in keeping government big. Their commitment to expansive government, from which they make their living, more times than not has them rooting for the Democratic Party even when they serve in a Republican administration. Piling on to the long list of American politclass members undermining POTUS is a new Political Action Committee (PAC) comprised of veteran bureaucrats and appointees from George W. Bush’s presidential administration.

Calling themselves “43 Alumni for Biden” (named after George W. Bush’s two terms as the 43rd president), the group has given the required legal notification that they intend to raise and spend funds in the presidential election.

The group’s website says, “Through our advocacy, 43 Alumni for Biden seeks to unite and mobilize a community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency.”

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The group’s messaging doesn’t promote the policies of Joe Biden per se, but rather take exception with Trump’s personality. The PAC’s director, Karen Kirskey (who worked on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign) said, “we not necessarily in full support of his political agenda but rather in full agreement with the urgent need to restore the soul of this nation.”

There are no notable members of the group with widespread name recognition, however. This doesn’t mean, however, that the PAC won’t successfully convince undiscerning voters that the Republican Party movers-and-shakers have turned on the U.S. President.

Leftists from within the Republican Party known colloquially as “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only) have started numerous PACs designed to unseat Trump. Others include Right Side PAC, Republican Voters Against Trump, and the Lincoln Project, which is currently advertising against Trump in Montana.


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