Montana Democrats Accuse Steve Daines of ‘Racism’ for Being Against Washington D.C. Statehood


Don Pogreba, a Helena school teacher and blogger at the progressive trash site, the Montana Post, has accused Senator Steve Daines of “racism” for being against the statehood of Washington, D.C. Pogreba, an extremely white man, is using the perceived plight of black people in America as a means to attack his political opponent.

Daines, like virtually all Republicans, stands opposed to the statehood of Washington, D.C. The tiny District of Columbia was formed in 1790 as a part of the Residence Act and the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) mandates a district serving as the seat of the United States government to be controlled by Congress.

James Madison explained the importance of the nation’s capitol city being an independent district controlled by Congress and not within a state in Federalist 43. Madison explained that if the U.S. capitol city wasn’t its own independent territory, then whatever state in which it resided could disrupt the proceedings of the federal government. In short, so long as Washington is a district controlled by Congress according to the Constitution and not a state or in a state, the federal government retains its independence from political interference.

Don Pogreba

However, Democrats have been salivating at the prospects of Washington D.C. becoming a state for decades. Although the measure is grossly unconstitutional, there is no doubt that the tiny area with approximately a million residents would be a “blue state” with two additional senators and at least one representative who would caucus with Democrats. After all, Washington D.C. is full of two groups of people; the first group is the permanent underclass who reside there inter-generationally (hovering around 20% of the population) and the second group is those who make their living from the excesses of government spending (politicians, lobbyists, attorneys, and special interest groups). Neither of those groups is known for being Republican.

Steve Daines made a comment regarding the latest push to give the District of Columbia statehood that has been taken grossly out of context.

Daines said, “go out to where the real people are at across the country and ask them what they think.”

By this, Daines meant that Americans who don’t live in “the swamp” of Washington D.C. think differently about things than those inside the Beltway. Obviously.

But Don Pogreba, who molests young minds in the Helena School District on the public dole and feverishly types away at the Montana Post from his throne of white privilege, saw “racism” in his comments because, well, of course he did.

Pogreba writes in his post, Senator Daines Must Apologize for His White Supremacist Remarks About D.C. Statehood, “Montana Senator Steve Daines…offered a statement that can only be read as an endorsement of white supremacy today when asked about the prospect of statehood for the District of Columbia.”

In the mind of Pogreba – polluted by years of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory – Steve Daines was referring to black people in D.C. as “not regular people.”

Pogreba continued, “It’s not hard to parse what Daines is saying here: the people of Washington, D.C., a minority-majority city, are not ‘real people,’ unlike the largely white states of rural West that have a wildly disproportionate share of national representation in the Congress.”

Of course, Daines said nothing of the like. It was Don Pogreba who eisegeted racism into the discussion and presumed that the remark “regular people” was a contrast with the ethnic minority population of Washington D.C. His assumption betrays his own latent racism.

The question ought to be why a Helena school teacher is so racist. Why does his mind wander to ethnic minority populations when he hears the term “regular people”? Why does he presume that black people are not regular people?

Clearly, Daines was referring to the lobbyists and bureaucrats of Washington D.C. and was not dog-whistling “white supremacists” in Klan hoods and burning crosses. In the meantime, this is a definition Pogreba should familiarize himself with…

Pogreba, who is whiter than a Montana Christmas, should stop using black people and their plight to further his own political agenda. Slaveholders in the antebellum South thought that black people could be used and abused for their own selfish purposes. And that’s exactly how Pogreba treats ethnic minorities today, exploiting their challenges to selfishly serve his own needs.


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  1. Steve Daines is reaping what he sows. He has turned his back on his fellow Montanans by endorsing the corrupt Water Compact and is going along with the equally corrupt Democrats hoping this will help to continue his political career. I have no sympathy for him.


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