Activism Montana Human Rights Group Issues Warning About 'Fundamentalist Christians'...

Montana Human Rights Group Issues Warning About ‘Fundamentalist Christians’ (and Libertarians)


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Making a mockery of actual human rights issues like sex trafficking, female circumcision, infanticide, and Shariah Law, the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN)has issued a panicked warning about “fundamentalist Christians” who will be peacefully assembling at three different events in coming days.

Entitled Bundy Backers, Fundamentalist Christians, Libertarians Set to ‘Rage Against the State,’ the Montana Human Rights Network public service announcement cautioned Montanans that the trio of Jesus-loving patriot groups were operating an “anti-democratic roadshow.”

The human rights group, which has supported Black Lives Matter protests around Montana, says of the events, “With Montana’s COVID-19 numbers rising again, the last thing we need are events featuring speakers who will, no doubt, rail against public health measures as affronts to freedom. We should be raging against the spread of the virus, not heeding empty calls to patriotism that put more people in jeopardy.”

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MHRN took exception with the speakers at what they call the “Rage Events” being aligned with the Libertarian Party, which they characterize as though it were some kind of radical fringe. MHRN wrote, “While some Libertarians embrace social issues close to the political Left, the Montana Libertarian Party has historically attracted ‘patriot’ activists and others who think the Montana Republican Party isn’t conservative enough when it comes to issues like guns, taxes, and government regulations.”

Detailing what they perceive to be troublesome speakers linked to “hate,” MHRN listed several “problematic” figures. These include Roger Roots (an attorney for the Bundy family, who have repeatedly been found not guilty by juries in several cases brought against them by the federal government), Ryan Payne (who helped Cliven Bundy free his cattle from federal agents who were stealing them), and Steve Wagner (a pastor from White Hall who subscribes to Reconstructionism, a theology rooted in post-millennial eschatology common among Presbyterians and Reformed Christians) who MHRN laments promotes homeschooling.

Listed among the sins of the speaker lineup for the three-day event in Livingston, Belgrade, and White Hall is their ‘fundamentalist’ Christian faith, their commitment to liberty, and their support of conservative and libertarian values. They also complained, within their PSA, that certain of the members opposed abortion (a legitimate human rights violation that involves killing an unborn child with either sharp instruments or with chemical warfare).

“Fundamentalism” refers to Christians who affirm the Fundamentals of the Christian Religion, a twelve-volume discourse published by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles between 1910 and 1915. These twelve-volumes, consisting of more than 90 essays, laid out foundational doctrines of Biblical Christianity including a belief in the virgin birth of Christ, the inerrancy of scripture, the supernaturality of God, and the resurrection of Jesus. In other words, the term “fundamentalism” refers to those who simply believe in the Bible. In more recent years, the term has been applied to especially to those who refuse to appeal to modernism or who maintain standards of personal conduct that differ considerably from contemporary culture.

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As the Montana Human Rights Network impugns “fundamentalists,” they are actually degrading the deep, personally-held beliefs of nearly a hundred thousand Montanans in Baptist, Presbyterian, confessional Lutheran, Reformed, and Independent Bible churches who pay their taxes, serve their communities, and who live quiet and peaceable lives.

As statists, who view the government as having godlike powers and abilities, protesting the state is seen as tantamount to blasphemy while protesting a perceived lack of wokeness (like Black Lives Matter) is seen as holy piety. To the Montana Human Rights Network, the problem in the world is bitter clingers who believe that liberties come from God and not from the omnibenevolence of Steve Bullock. What the MHRN published is not a legitimate warning against human rights abuses, but a religious screed for one faith and against another, using the vilest disregard for religious tolerance humanly possible.


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