Montana RINO, Bob Brown, Leaves GOP Because Trump Doesn’t Wear a Mask


The so-called “Conservative Solutions Caucus,” which has undergone a plethora of name changes over the years in their attempt to mislead Montana’s Republican voters, is the Democratic Party in disguise. Thanks to the hard work of many conservative groups around the state like Doctors for a Healthy Montana, the Glacial Group, the Free Montana Project, Conservatives United, and the sheer tenacity of conservative candidates like Theresa Manzella, Brandon Ler, and Jerry Schillinger, the Solutions Caucus faired poorly in the June primary. But the group is still active, with Conrad RINO (Republican in Name Only), Llew Jones, leading the hard-blue Manchurian candidates in Montana to help Democrats every step along the way. They even worked with Democrats to help take over conservative central committees.

Prominent Solutions Caucus supporter, Bob Brown*, the former Montana Secretary of State, Montana Speaker of the House, and 2004 Republican gubernatorial candidate, has now come out of the closet as a Democrat and publicly attacked President Donald J. Trump, gubernatorial candidate, Greg Gianforte, and U.S. Senator, Steve Daines. Brown’s complaints toward the Republican candidates is that they aren’t upset at Trump for not wearing a mask, so he wants the world to know that he’s left the party of Lincoln.

Brown, who wrote an op-ed last year in the Billings Gazette praising the Solutions Caucus and aligning with its liberalism, wrote an op-ed in the Missoulian today, and provided a refreshing dose of honesty; he hates Republicans. One wishes he would have disclosed this fact before embedding himself in the Republican Party over the course of the last decade.

His article, entitled, Declaration of Independence from Republican Party, was a slap of stinging insult to the Republican voters he – like Llew Jones – hoodwinked into believing he was a believer in the GOP. Brown explains that his chief complaint toward the GOP is that POTUS doesn’t wear a mask. He writes, “The prankster-in-chief can be counted on to show up in his MAGA hat, but almost never shows leadership by wearing a mask.”

It is for this reason that Brown writes, “What about Senator Daines and Representative Gianforte? Will they remain seemingly un-persuaded by Dr. Fauci’s expert concerns for human lives at risk? Will they continue to look the other way as Americans careen around the country mask-less, risking public safety much like Rudy Stanko with his foot on the accelerator? With an eye on their election prospects instead of COVID-19 data, only if they get the go-ahead from the president will they do anything but his disastrous bidding.”

Of course, leading physicians have been quite clear that wearing a mask won’t help protect you from contracting COVID (or from passing it on). And while the science doesn’t support mask-wearing, which can actually assist in spreading the illness (because people uneducated in mask hygiene are more likely to contaminate things like doorknobs and shopping carts), Democrat politicians are promoting masks as a politically correct “gesture” to signal sympathy with the infected.

Brown writes, “I can’t remain a member of the party he has taken over. I won’t vote for him, nor will I vote for his puppets, Greg Gianforte and Steve Daines, who know up-close and personal what a scoundrel he is and should certainly show the courage to stand up to him. They never have. I am declaring my independence from them and their Republican Party. And I’ll be wearing a mask, not blinders.”

Of all the reasons to leave the Republican Party (or to ‘come clean’ about having never really been a part of it), POTUS not wearing a mask has got to be the most outrageous. Montana’s voters have a right to know the names and offices of Democrats who masquerade as Republicans to get elected in the Big Sky State. To find out more about the Solutions Caucus, click here.

*This Bob Brown is not to be confused with the conservative and excellent candidate for Senate District 7.


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  1. Looks like Soros has made a donation to this POS. Had to look hard to justify his two faced lies. all because Trump won’t wear a mask ! What a childish piss poor excuse. As he is for a man. Another “Dem” pervert.

  2. Rob Brown is a stupid man . . . masks are ineffective at best and likely useless.
    Unless you are sick and out in public . . .
    Sounds more like a Romney RINO . . . certainly not a thinking Conservative.
    Montana can surely do better . . . .

  3. Bob Brown is a retired American Government teacher so we know what he taught hundreds of students in the Flathead. I am also told he is a cousin of our most recent RINO from the Flathead–Bruce Tudvedt.


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