Activism 'Black Lives Matter' Protestors Vandalize Statue Honoring Black Hero

‘Black Lives Matter’ Protestors Vandalize Statue Honoring Black Hero


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The statue at the Second Baptist Church of New Albany, Indiana, commemorates a black woman named Lucy Higgs Nichols who escaped slavery and was dedicated to the brave men and women who operated the Underground Railroad, a network of safe-houses and an escape route for slaves fleeing antebellum slavery in the American South. Black Lives Matter protestors doused an image of the woman and her infant child in their attempts to combat racism via vandalism.

Oops. If only they had bothered to read the plaque.

Nichols’ personal history is quite amazing. Known as “Aunt Lucy,” the woman became a member of the 23rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Army of Tennessee. She lost both her husband and her daughter during the Civil War, which is when she settled in New Albany, Indiana (where she remarried). She is the only honorary female member of the Grand Army of the Republic and marched in victory with the troops in Washington, D.C. at the end of the Civil War in 1865.

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And now, the statue in her memory has been defaced in the name of racial equality (see below).

The church is trying to raise funds to recoup the funds required to repair the statue (which has already been done) via a Go Fund Me page. The church decided to leave a bit of the red paint as a reminder.

The church claims that the vandalism is a sign that more needs to be done for racial unity, saying, “(The vandalism) has galvanized a lot of people to want to do some more than what we’ve been doing.” It seems lost on them that white people didn’t do this. This was an act of black-on-black stupidity.


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