Courageous Female Candidate Highlights Bullock’s Mistreatment of Women


Governor Bullock has enjoyed mostly positive coverage from Montana’s friendly press during his time as governor, and his lackluster presidential bid kept him thus far off the national media’s radar. But if a recent op-ed from the Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate is an indication, the public may become far more intimate with Steve Bullock’s long history of mistreating women.

In a stirring and brave article written by Wendie Fredrickson published in the Helena Independent Record, the Green Party candidate notified the world that she would not be just another woman bullied by Steve Bullock. And as she courageously explained, Montana’s governor has at least three troublesome scandals in his past involving women and his alleged mistreatment of them. Fredrickson claims she’ll not be a fourth.

Montana’s Democratic Party has been trying to disenfranchise Green Party voters since at least March, most recently filing a lawsuit in the First Judicial Court of Lewis & Clark County to get the Green Party removed from the ballot because – in part – non-residents collected signatures to place the party’s candidates on the ballot (note: it is not illegal for non-residents to collect signatures, so long as only residents sign the petition). If successful in their efforts to disenfranchise voters, Frederickson wouldn’t remain on the ballot.

Fredrickson claimed in her op-ed, “As the party that claims to promote equality, inclusion and acceptance, their efforts have been no less than shameful.

She continued, “Let me be abundantly clear: my run for U.S. Senate as a candidate of the Green Party is about truth and transparency in our government – and I refuse to be silenced, like so many others have, through either bullying or non-disclosure agreements.”

Then, Fredrickson brought up an elephant in the capitol that has not been thoroughly addressed. Steve Bullock has a troublesome past when it comes to the treatment of women.

Steve Bullock and Meg O’Leary, with whom the governor frequently appeared to be on dates with instead of his wife.

The candidate said, “We’ve seen Bullock retaliate and strip his former female Lt. Gov. Angela McLean of her duties, eventually forcing her out of her job, due to issues that he refuses to discuss to this day. We’ve also witnessed Bullock cover for his close friend and senior advisor Kevin O’Brien’s sexual harassment accusations, refusing to warn a future employer of his troubling history. While Bullock tried to defend his actions by saying he believed O’Brien wouldn’t do it again, his friend went on and sexually harassed another woman.”

Fredrickson referenced both Bullock’s bizarre mistreatment Andrea McLean, who he ditched to appoint her white male successor, Mike Cooney (which was only briefly discussed in the press at the time). McLean believes she was fired due to what’s best described as misogyny, something that should be seen with a certain level of credibility in a Democrat-on-Democrat complaint. Additionally, Fredrickson referenced Bullock’s support for his senior advisor, who had sexually harassed several colleagues. In the #MeToo era, Bullock would have been ‘canceled.’

But is it too late for cancel culture to scuttle Bullock’s chauvinistic past? Is the statute of limitations up on Bullock’s past? Time will tell, and so will Wendie Fredrickson.

Although Fredrickson did not mention Bullock using state funds to fly around his mistress to various events (leftists seem to be laissez-faire about such things), the current Montana governor seems to have a checkered past when it comes to how he treats the women in his life.

Fredrickson said, “I’ve had enough of the bullying, cover-ups, and smears that run rampant through this administration. That’s why I’m running for the U.S. Senate, to restore trust and integrity in those we elect to represent us.”

She added, “As a proud woman, and as a proud Montanan, I will not let Steve Bullock silence me.”


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