Activism Prosecutor to Charge Man with "Hate Crime" for Writing...

Prosecutor to Charge Man with “Hate Crime” for Writing “All Lives Matter”


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All over the country, municipalities have graffitied their streets and buildings with the name of the alt-left group, Black Lives Matter. That organization – whose website says is designed to overthrow the nuclear family, promote homosexuality, and to redistribute wealth to blacks – was founded by trained Marxists in 2013 after George Zimmerman was found innocent for standing his ground against Trayvon Martin, a violent teenager who had assaulted him. Since then, the organization has fomented riots across the country after black criminals have been killed by the police during altercations, which have led to the deaths of several police officers, innocent black children, and done hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in predominately black communities.

In Chicago, which is a virtual war zone thanks to violence in the black community, has lost 254 people due to murder so far this year. Most are black people who are the victims of black-on-black violence. Instead of focusing on the violence in America’s inner cities, municipalities are bolstering the name of Black Lives Matter. After two men painted over the slogan in the street in Contra Costa, California, with the phrase “All Lives Matter,” one prosecutor is trying to charge them with a hate crime.

Contra Costa County, located in the Bay Area of California near San Francisco, painted the organization’s name in its street in downtown Martinez, near the local courthouse. The virtue-signaling measure was designed to show solidarity with those protesting law enforcement. That’s when Nichole Anderson and David Nelson painted over it with with the words “All Lives Matter.”

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The two have since been arrested and charged with three misdemeanor counts, including one “hate crime.” The pair face a year in jail.

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