Headlines Democrats Counting on Montana to Hand Them Control of...

Democrats Counting on Montana to Hand Them Control of U.S. Senate


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The nation’s most prominent newspaper publication, the New York Times, published an op-ed only minutes ago encouraging the nation’s Democrats to know that Montana will probably be the key to their possible take-over of the U.S. Senate. If Republicans lose control of the Senate, it is highly likely that Donald Trump would be successfully impeached from office, even if Trump wins re-election in November. In other words, for the first time in recent memory, the Big Sky State will hold the key to not just the Senate, but the presidency.

Democrats are rooting hard for Steve Bullock.

The New York Times article, written by Jonathan Martin, points out that in 2016 every state that voted for Donald Trump elected Republican senators during the same election cycle. Similarly, every state that voted for Hillary Clinton voted for Democratic senators. Montana is posed to upset this trend, as its relatively popular governor is seeking to unseat incumbent U.S. Senator, Steve Daines. If Montana sends Bullock to Washington, it will be the first and probably only state to vote ‘red’ for President and ‘blue’ for Senate. Democrats are hedging their bets that this will be the case.

Bullock, on the other hand, is hedging his bets for success on his ability to work with Republicans, something made possible by the group of Montana Democrats who run as Republicans, such as Llew Jones (R-Conrad) and his “Solutions Caucus.”

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Bullock told the Times, “Montanans know me, I’ve worked with Republicans to get things done.”

Bullock, who has hoisted the LGBTQ flag at the Montana capitol, proudly displays Planned Parenthood apparel and has lobbied for “trans-rights” in his social media, hopes that he can convince Montana he’s substantially different from Democrats on the national stage. This approach has worked for Montana’s Democratic senator, Jon Tester, whose voting record is almost identical to the most radically-left members of the U.S. Senate. Tester’s ability to pose in a tractor and wave with missing fingers taken off in a meat-grinder make him endearing to folksy rural Montanans who have a tendency to take a man for his word rather than double-check his voting record. Bullock is clearly trying to win the election in Montana using the same approach that has been successful for Jon Tester; to convince voters their personality is more important than their policies.

Bolstering Bullock’s chances in Montana, according to the Times, is the giant sum of federal cash handed to him to give away at his discretion to assist in coronavirus recovery. Bullock’s full-time job as of late has been campaigning by handing out huge amounts of federal money strategically to demographics he desperately needs to win in the Fall – particularly rural areas (those least affected by coronavirus). Essentially – and ironically – the Trump Administration has handed the Democratic candidate nearly a billion dollars in campaign funds to grease the wheels of Montana’s political machine. Every dollar given away by Bullock is a potential vote, and the vote-buying scheme seems to be working. Bullock is up in the polls.

The nation’s Democrats know that during this election cycle, Montana will be a bellwether for things to come. If Steve Bullock wins election in the Big Sky State, Democrats will soon control both chambers of the legislature and have Donald Trump’s head on a silver platter.

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