MUST Watch: Here’s the Video on COVID-19 that Big Tech Keeps Banning


A group of concerned physicians, all properly credentialed by their respective health boards, met in Washington, D.C. for a press conference to warn America that the response to COVID-19 is being driven by panic for political purposes. More importantly, they want us to know that medical science has been skewed on the virus and warned that Americans have not been given the full story.

These physicians, most importantly, provided information from the front lines of medical care. Most are primary care doctors who have treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients.

Among the bombshell claims made publicly by Front Line Doctors were as follows:

  • Masks are not proven to stop the spread of COVID-19, and in fact have negative health consequences for the general public.
  • Hydroxychloroquine is both a good cure and preventative measure for COVID-19 and the National Institutes of Health knows it but is covering it up.
  • No schoolchild has ever spread COVID-19 to teachers in the entire world, and children are not at risk for either symptoms of COVID-19 or spreading it (and schools should open).
  • Businesses do not need to be closed and healthy people do not be quarantined.

However, tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sites have been taking down this video. Amazingly, Twitter deleted President Trump’s tweet in which he linked this video and suspended the account of Donald Trump, Jr.

In a desire to promote free speech, Montana Daily Gazette is sharing this video and it will not be deleted from our protected servers. Please share this article so that others can hear the truth.

Watch below:

PLEASE NOTE: If these videos do not play on your mobile device or browser, click here.


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