Democrats Trying to Lynch Black Doctor for Her Personal Beliefs, But Theirs Are Just as Bizarre


Stella Emmanuel, a native of the Central African nation of Cameroon and now U.S. Citizen residing in Houston, is a board-certified physician and an award-winning doctor who specializes in family medicine. The doctor has treated more than 350 patients with COVID-19, all of whom have recovered are recovering. Due to her outspokenness on the ineffectualness of masks to stop the virus and her qualified medical opinion on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, Democrats across the country have targeted the brave physician for a public lynching in the court of public opinion.

Speaking with Front Line Doctors, a group of physicians who are warning the American public that the coronavirus response is influenced more by politics than science, Emmanuel earned the respect of millions for her articulate repudiation of coronavirus mass hysteria and her appeal to practical medicine.

Online tech giants like Facebook, whose owner has financially invested in potential coronavirus vaccines, were less impressed and banned the video, even going so far as to delete President Trump’s tweet of the speech and suspend the account of his son for doing the same. We posted the video at Montana Daily Gazette in light of the censorship.

One might think that the party of ‘wokeness’ might appreciate the opinion of a black female immigrant. But apparently, Intersectionality is only appreciated on the left if they’re espousing progressive talking points. They’ve since started to attack Emmanuel for her deeply held religious beliefs, most of which are residual convictional vestiges from her time in Africa.

Some of Emmanuel’s beliefs are indeed bizarre to western-centric onlookers and especially mock-worthy to xenophobes who don’t understand the cultural beliefs that undergird much of Cameroon’s traditions. Reportedly, Emmannuel has opined certain things that can best be called superstitious. But the double-standards between how people are treating this qualified physician for her religious beliefs and how they treat other medical personnel is noteworthy.

For example, while Emmanuel has claimed that government leaders and other oppressors are “reptilian,” a much-mocked suggestion (and worthy of the mockery), evolutionary psychologists believe that humans have a “reptilian brain,” a holdover of our supposed evolutionary biology. The term is commonly used in the field of psychology and taught by basically all modern psychology departments at public universities. Is that any less crazy? And yet, the notion of humans having a reptilian brain is standard fare for the field of neuroscience, one of the most prestigious fields of medical science.

But no one is complaining that their brain surgeon operates on their frontal cortex believing it’s what’s leftover from that which evolved from lizards. In spite of that insane belief, they still make good surgeons.

Ostensibly, Emmanuel believes in aliens. But so does former Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton’s chief-of-staff, John Podesta (who starred in a History Channel show on alien conspiracies), and Jimmy Carter. In fact, a third of Americans believe this.

Emmanuel has claimed that vaccines may turn people away from God. And yet, this claim is also made by the American Atheist Organization, who lobbies for vaccines as an appeal designed to thwart religionists.

Emmanuel has claimed that “Magic 8 Balls are a gateway to witchcraft.” This belief is actually held by a large percentage of evangelical Christians in America who don’t dabble in things like Ouji Boards or Horoscopes. And yet Oprah’s spiritual guru was a competitive candidate for president in the Democratic Party in the earliest days of the primary. Marianne Williams, an avid New Ager, believes that Jesus dictated her words to write down precisely, hears from the dead, communes with spirits in the cosmos, and sees auras.

Today’s Democratic Party believes lots of absurd, superstitious, medically unfounded things and there’s lots of physicians who would agree with them. They believe men can have babies, that cutting a man’s penis off can make him a woman, and man evolved from chimps. These things form the foundational core of the Democratic Party’s ideological worldview. Combine this with their belief that a baby isn’t a living human being, and you have an entire party centered on anti-science gobbledegook.

While leftists commonly opine that a belief in God or against evolution makes someone a bad doctor or scientist (Isaac Newton, George Washington Carver, Galileo, Sir Francis Bacon, and Blaise Pascal would all disagree), we recognize that personal opinions about the nature of the world can be adequately separated from the practice of science or medicine. Even Albert Einstein – who never believed in a personal God per se – acknowledged that the world had to have been designed by some kind of intelligent creator. But who wants to discount the validity of E = mc2 because the party of godlessness finds it cringeworthy?

Christians believe God made man from dirt and made the world in six days. While this is mocked by leftists, they have little to say about Muslims believing a suicide vest earns you 72 virgins for your carnal pleasure in Paradise. The beliefs that Democrats choose to mock or not mock are entirely arbitrary.

Meanwhile, leftists are having a field day tearing apart a woman who overcame nearly insurmountable odds to immigrate to America and become a doctor who daily saves the lives of her patients. Perhaps they should be less racist, xenophobic, Western-centric, and misogynistic while lecturing us about tolerance.


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