Gov. Bullock’s Spokesman Caught Mocking Rape Victims, Using Gay “F-Word” Slur


Governor Bullock has carefully crafted his public image as an open-minded progressive who panders diligently to political correctness, especially in regards to ethnic, gender, or sexual minorities. But just as the governor’s own personal and professional history has been rife with the mistreatment of women, his press secretary has just been terminated for sending tweets against women, ethnic minorities, and homosexuals.

Evan McCullers was selected as Governor Bullock’s press secretary in June, but the “cancel culture” in the Democratic Party led to his dismissal from that role when it was discovered he sent out discriminatory social media statements while in college and high school, from 2012 to 2014. While most Montanans would balk at holding someone accountable for passing statements during their adolescence, Governor Bullock’s campaign for U.S. Senate, paired with his previous covering-up of sex abuse in his administration, left him with no choice but to send McCullers’ packing.

McCuller’s social media faux pas include a statement referring to women as manure and claiming that the statue of a black child “scared him.” Additionally, McCuller made comments that were derogatory of homosexuals. Some of his comments on rape, however, are beyond the pale regardless of one’s political leaning (see below).

McCuller also made comments that seem misogynistic.

It is unclear how many of McCuller’s comments about women were cloaked with irony. Some have suggested that his statements on Twitter were designed to be less-than-serious, but in the #MeToo era, there’s no room in public opinion for humor at the expense of women.

McCuller’s comments using slurs toward homosexuals are especially problematic for Governor Bullock, who has used his influence as Montana’s Governor to bolster and support the LGBTQXYZ+ Community.

Olivia Brown, the spokesman for Bullock’s campaign, said, “The tweets are inappropriate and do not reflect Montana values. When we learned about them, he was let go.”

Bullock has not returned a request for comment.


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