Activism Police Arrest Pro-Life Students for Chalking Public Sidewalk in...

Police Arrest Pro-Life Students for Chalking Public Sidewalk in Front of DC Planned Parenthood


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Police Officers gathered en masse and arrested two pro-life students for peacefully writing “pre-born lives matter” with washable chalk on a public sidewalk, with over 10 officers and 6 police cars paddy wagons on-site waiting to arrest anyone else joining in. 

The two Students For Life members who are as of yet unnamed, made brief statements for the cameras before engaging in their shocking criminal enterprises, declaring:

I’m with Students for Life and we have a nice army of profilers for life. We are on the side of God’s truth. They are a culture of death, and we’re going to expose their lies, deceit, and all negativity that they constantly hurt women.


Planned Parenthood is a racist organization. We are here today to show that. Ok? We are standing with black pre-born lives matter. This is government censorship if we were writing black lives matter, we would not be in this position.

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The duo informed that they would simply be doing “sidewalk chalking” as is their custom to do every Saturday, and would be writing on public property in front of Planned Parenthood using washable chalk.

As they began to write, barely getting a “preborn..” out on the concrete, an officer came up and said:

Ok Folks, I need to tell you now that if you continue chalking, you’re going to be placed under arrest for defacing property. If you continue chalking, you’re going to be placed under arrest.”

The students continued writing, getting a few more letters out, when they were approached by police, handcuffed, and led off to a police van, where they were hauled away to the station.

There is no word on what they are being charged with yet.

The longer, full, and uncut video can be seen here at Breitbart.

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