Bullock is *Still* Giving Brother’s Company MILLIONS in Public Tax Dollars


Previously, the Montana Daily Gazette reported how Governor Bullock is demanding that the state’s media outlets censor Republican advertisements in relation to an eight-year scandal in which he threw hundreds of thousands in cash towards his brother’s company from public coffers. Although his career of nepotism and public money laundering has been extensive, what many might not know is that Bullock is still throwing cash toward Pioneer Technical Resources through at least six state agencies.

The scandal is not merely in the past. It is in the present, and it’s no wonder the governor and his brother’s company are trying desperately to quiet the criticism and deflect from the story.

Here’s the breaking news; from 2013 to 2019, Governor Bullock’s administration has funneled not two-million dollars as originally reported to his Pioneer Technical Resources, but more than fourteen-million-dollars. But it gets even worse…it’s continuing to this day.

That’s right; it’s seven times the amount of money as originally reported during the original scandal in 2012. Bullock did not quit his nepotistic spending of public tax dollars after being caught. Winning election seems to have emboldened him, and he doubled – or septupled – his unethical hand-greasing.

A search of the ‘Transparency’ portion of the Montana state website by Debbie Westlake discovered the massive expenditures and it shows that more than two million dollars have been given to them just this year.

In the fiscal year of 2020 alone, financial awards to Bill Bullock’s company includes:

  • $8165.56 from the Department of Administration
  • $1,188,015.47 from the Department of Environmental Quality
  • $10,412 from Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
  • $146,407.34 from the Department of Justice
  • $646,836.06 from the Department of Natural Resources
  • $63,582.89 from the Montana Department of Transportation.

In total, more than $2,063,419 was given to Pioneer Technical Services by agencies overseen by Bullock’s administration.

Governor Bullock’s campaign and Pioneer Technical Resources both argue that William Bullock resigned from his managing role at the company and sold his shares. However, according to corporate documents, the claim is deflective; William Bullock is still the chairman of the company’s board.


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