Gallup Poll: 81% of Black Americans Want Greater Police Presence. Will Montana Dems Relent?


While Montana leftists continue to take potshots at law enforcement institutions by calling for their coffers to be ransacked and raided, a new national poll has revealed demands to defund the police are wildly out of touch with the communities they’re claiming to speak for.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of Democrats wanting to bleed these budgets dry. We saw this in late July when a group of around 45 protesters calling themselves ‘Against the Hate’ gathered at a park in Great Falls to voice their grievances, ranging from sensible and worthy of consideration (mandatory de-escalation training for all area police officers) to the counterproductive and asinine (calls to “defund” the Great Falls police department.)

There didn’t seem to be much consideration for where the money for mandatory police training would come from if law enforcement are being taken out at the knees. Police forces don’t need to be depleted right now, but rather they need local governments to open their wallets and make it rain.

We wrote about this very thing three days ago, reporting on The Missoulian’s story that with Missoula Police Chief Jaeson White asking city council for a bigger budget “Council members have already received hundreds of comments asking for the reallocation of funds from the police department’s budget to more community resources after local and national protests over police brutality following the death of George Floyd.”

While these groups are all competing to defund, demoralize, and disperse the police, this is not the will of the people.

According to a Gallup poll released today, 81% of black Americans want the police presence to remain the same or increase in their neighborhood, only slightly below the 88% of White Americans and 9% more than than 72% of Asian Americans. In fact, 20% of Black Americans want police spending MORE time in their areas. The takeaway from the poll is that Americans don’t want fewer police interactions, but rather want higher quality interactions, which is a training issue. Which costs money.

This startling poll puts the lie to the liberal talking points that there is a groundswell of support for defunding the police and lessening their direct involvement and presence in their communities. When groups like Above the Hate rally in Montana for defunding the police, they’re not speaking for Black Americans, but are pushing for the will of the totalitarian minority which will do nothing but hurt Black Americans and remove the police from the communities that need it most.

It’s a weird kind of political, paternalistic Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, where these progressive groups are claiming to have the best interests of Black communities in mind. In reality, they’re slipping them a slab of spam doused in rhetorical rat poison and trying to pass it off as the 3/4 pound Chef Special from the Burger Dive. They’re seeking to hurt, rather than to help. To tear down, rather than build.

No one wants less police presence and fewer resources for the police to be able to maintain that presence, least of all Black Americans, and now we have even more data to back it up.


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