California County to Pay Homeless and Unemployed $1,250 to Get COVID-19


A simple law of economics is this; you get less of that which you tax, and more of that which you subsidize. And the state of California, which is doing everything possible to restrict the rights of its citizens to peacefully assemble and worship, is now going to subsidize COVID-19 ‘victims’ with a payment of $1,250.

Expect the cases of COVID-19 to skyrocket soon in the Golden State’s Alameda County, as this handsome stipend will soon incentivize the contraction of the illness and positive tests, whereas people had been content with avoiding the virus altogether.

Alameda County, home of Oakland, has set aside ten million dollars through its Board of Commissioners to subsidize COVID-19 patients with checks of $1,250. All patients need to do to receive the money is contract the virus, test positive, and request a check.

The county has been engaging in an extensive “contact-tracing” program, in which they have found people who’ve been exposed to COVID-19 patients and have inquired about how to get paid for contracting it.

“Literally every single person that we have spoken to through our contract tracing program, they have all asked for either food, help with rent, or access to be enrolled in healthcare,” said Andrea Schwab-Galindo, CEO of Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center.

The amount of $1,250 was chosen by the county because that is roughly the amount of two-weeks of California’s minimum wage, enough for people to take a quarantine vacation at home to avoid infecting others. There is no requirement for patients to actually have a job or have rent to pay in order to receive the stipend, however, and it’s widely suspected that Oakland’s rather extensive homeless population may jump at the opportunity for a payday.

According to the Daily Mail, it is, in fact, a requirement that people who receive the stipend not have unemployment or sick leave, something required for those with jobs in California, meaning it will be used primarily among the unemployed and by extension, homeless.


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