Gideon Knox Group Prepares Action Against Bozeman Over LGBTQ Crosswalk Propaganda


The Gideon Knox Group, located in Montana, is a firm consulting public policy, public leaders, and political officials. For full disclosure, the Gideon Knox Group also oversees the publication of the Montana Daily Gazette. Focused on campaign research, activism, and media publishing that serves conservative causes, the Gideon Knox Group is hereby notifying the public that they will seek the inclusion of other non-profits in the crosswalk-coloring scheme recently actuated by the Bozeman City Council.

After seeing the story of LGBTQ-color themed crosswalks being installed in Bozeman, the Gideon Knox Group was approached by a high-profile law firm, asking if they could offer their assistance in making sure that all non-profit groups be included if Bozeman desires to use its crosswalks for political imaging.

City Manager Jeff Mihelich told the press, “It’s a really cool concept. The idea really is to make sure that when people come to the City of Bozeman that they feel welcomed.”

The gay-colored crosswalks is a partnership between Gender Equality Montana, a radically left-wing Democratic group that lobbies for issues ranging from drag-queen story times to the myth of ‘transgenderism,’ the Downtown Bozeman Partnership, and the City of Bozeman.

The Gideon Knox Group has submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to the City of Bozeman, asking for all correspondence between Gender Equality Montana, Downtown Bozeman Partnership, and the City of Bozeman (see below).

If there is correspondence bewteen the non-profits and the City of Bozeman, at the best of the pro-LGBTQ groups, it demonstrates that Bozeman is fundamentally deying the First Amedment rights of other non-profit groups from similarly choosing city sidewalks to express their points of view.

Some citizens have already posted their correspondence with City Manager, Jeff Mihelich, who has subsequently denied their requests to paint crosswalks in support of local police officers or other causes, claiming that this is a “pilot test” to determine how well paint holds up under traffic conditions and the rain.

Regardless of who is funding the paint project, the city may not Constitutionally use public property – in this case, sidewalks – to express privately held political views without providing a similar opportunities to others.

In particular, the Gideon Knox Group is poised to request the crosswalks at several busy intersections be painted the colors of pink and blue in honor of the unborn and the pro-life movement. If the City of Bozeman believes it’s important to be “inclusive of all people,” then it should include innocent infants, the most vulnerable demographic in Bozeman.

The Gideon Knox Group is currently coordinating with citizens in Bozeman who desire their city government to focus on solving municipal problems in the city rather than signaling supposed virtue, and if they desire to wade into crosswalk-coloring, are open, inclusive, and affirming to all different points of view. You can contact the Gideon Knox Group here.


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