Bullock Administration Rules County Must Pay for Employee “Transgender” Surgeries


The Montana Human Rights Bureau, a division of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, ruled earlier this week that a man working for Yellowstone County had the right to make taxpayers pay for his ‘transition’ to female. The surgery – known as a ‘transfeminine bottom surgery’ – won’t actually make him a female, of course, but it will remove his penis and place a urinary canal in its place. And thanks to Governor Bullock’s administration, the citizens of Yellowstone County will get to pay for it.

The soon-to-be emasculated man goes by the name “Eleanor Maloney,” which appears to be the most feminine thing about him (pictured left, without a wig or disguise).

Maloney, whose Facebook page is covered with logos for #BlackLivesMatter and Antifa, served Yellowstone County as a senior deputy attorney, but sued the county when he was informed his ‘sex reassignment’ bills were not going to be paid for by the taxpayers. He also demanded that the payments he gave his therapist should be returned to him at public expense.

The Montana Human Rights Bureau is a division of the Montana Department of Labor and Commerce, which is overseen by the Montana Governor. Governor Bullock is responsible for appointments made to the commission and appointed Brenda Norlund as commissioner earlier in his term.

Mr. Maloney, trying to appear as a female.

The hearing liason, Chad Vanisko, ruled, “The Hearing Officer finds that Maloney is, in fact, a member of a protected class, and that transgender status is included under a prohibition against sex discrimination.”

Vanisko claimed that Maloney is a “protected class” because of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which explicitly mentioned gender but not gender dysphoria as a reason to claim discrimination. Liberals see it differently and claim that a person’s gender identity will require others to cater to that identity or else. In short, it’s a progressive interpretation of the law that requires everyone else to live in the same Neighborhood of Make-Believe as the afflicted person.

A hearing on Monday will determine what Bullock’s adminstration says Yellowstone County owes to Maloney.


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