Los Angeles to Charge Pastor John MacArthur with ‘Contempt of Court,’ Says News Source


Information is still forthcoming on the revelation, but conservative pundit, Todd Starnes, has issued a ‘breaking news’ tip on his Twitter account that Los Angeles is filing papers to charge renown pastor, John MacArthur, with contempt of court for holding worship services inside the Grace Community Church building.

Starnes has been reporting information obtained from within the MacArthur camp in recent days, leaving the impression of credibility to his news clip. In the revelation, Starnes cites MacArthur’s attorney, stating that he will be preaching from the pulpit again this Sunday.

MacArthur, who has had a thriving media ministry, Grace to You, for several decades also pastors the California megachurch and is best-known for his book, The Gospel According to Jesus and for his devotion to expositional preaching. MacArthur is one of the few pastors to preach verse-by-verse through the New Testament over the course of many years, creating a New Testament commentary set as he worked his way through the Scripture.

The saga of John MacArthur’s civil disobedience to Gavin Newsom and the city of Los Angeles is one that has attracted national attention, both because of MacArthur’s prominence and also because he began the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 with unquestioned submission to government orders, based largely on his interpretation of Romans 13, which commands Christians to submit to earthly rulers.

However, MacArthur’s position has very publicly evolved over time, with Grace Community Church elders – along with MacArthur – now explaining that the Constitution is the ultimate earthly authority under Heaven, and alleging that the government, and not the church, is breaking the law.

If Los Angeles charges MacArthur with contempt of court he may face arrest or fines, but with an attorney on loan from President Donald Trump, enforcing the order may prove difficult for the municipality.


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