Petition Demands Bullock Hault Candidacy for Sexual Misconduct Review

FILE PHOTO: Then-2020 Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Montana Governor Steve Bullock speaks and answers audience questions during the Presidential Gun Sense Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., August 10, 2019. REUTERS/Scott Morgan - RC1B90A27CB0/File Photo

A petition launched by the Gideon Knox Group is asking Governor Steve Bullock to postpone his U.S. Senate run until the recent allegation against him of sexual misconduct can be fully investigated. Bullock, who is running as Democratic ticket against incumbent Republican candidate, Steve Daines, has been repeatedly dogged by allegations by female employees, colleagues, and opponents that he has mistreated them as women. However, a young woman recently took to TikTok to allege that the governor groped her when she was a student attending his governor’s gala.

In a now-deleted video, the young woman claims that Bullock grabbed her buttocks and she sent her boyfriend to challenge the inappropriateness of it. Bullock’s campaign responded by smearing the young woman, whose identity is still not known, and claiming that the assertion was propogated by “rightwing websites” (it was covered by the Daily Caller, WorldnetDaily, and the Montana Daily Gazette). The video has been preserved however (available below), and some have asserted the young woman felt threatened by Bullock’s campaign and pressured into going silent.

The Gideon Knox Group posted a petition earlier today to, entitled, “Bullock Should Suspend Campaign Until Sexual Misconduct Accusations Are Investigated.”

The petition reads, “Governor Bullock has repeatedly been credibly accused of mistreating women. From his dismissal of Lt. Governor Angela McLean, his refusal to work with female colleagues (on the right) like Elsie Arntzen, his disrespect of female opponents (on the left) like Wendie Fredrickson, his cover-up of sexual harassment committed by staffer, Kevin O’Brien, his date-like dalliances with Meg O’Leary with public tax dollars, and his press spokesman who was recently fired for claiming that women who get raped should “enjoy it,” he has a long, torrid past of alleged mistreatment of women.”

After explaining the situation regarding the silenced young woman, the petition goes on, “We are asking that in the era of #MeToo, Governor Bullock suspends his U.S. Senate campaign until this accusation against him can be fully investigated and the young woman treated with respect and fully heard out. She does not need to live in fear that a potential U.S. Senator will smear her or attack her in the press. Montana deserves a Senator who will not take office under the cloud of sexual misconduct.”

You can see and sign the petition here.


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