Graybill Bends Rules, Pads Resume’ in Campaign Against Austin Knudsen


Raph Graybill, the Democratic candidate for Montana Attorney General, has already faced credible accusations against his job qualifications for the top law enforcement spot in the Big Sky State. The green-behind-the-ears attorney hasn’t held a Montana law license for five years as required in the Montana Constitution. Excused off of a technicality by a biased court, Graybill is poised with donations from Montana’s liberals to be a fierce candidate, despite his lack of job training. With a deficit of experience in practicing law, and no experience as a prosecutor of crime, Graybill has turned to unethical and libelous accusations against his opponent, Republican Austin Knudsen.

Graybill’s Twitter profile, for example, claims he is an “Independent,” and sports the logo of a bull buffalo, something that would resonate with Montana voters better than the Democrat logo’s donkey that he is – by law – required to place on advertising.

The law reads:

(a) To meet the party affiliation disclosure requirement, election materials should state the name or a reasonable and comprehensible abbreviation of the name of one of the qualified political parties in Montana: “Democrat,” “Libertarian,” or “Republican.”

(b) To meet the party symbol disclosure requirement, election materials should include either the symbol for one of the qualified political parties in Montana or the capitalized first letter of one of the parties. Acceptable symbol designations are:

(i) Democrat: the donkey symbol or “D”

But aside from trying to convince right-leaning voters he’s an Independent rather than a Democrat, Graybill has also stooped to new lows to mischaracterize the pro-law enforcement convictions of Austin Knudsen. Knudsen has served as Roosevelt County Prosecutor, prosecutes drug crimes, and supports law enforcement as a central part of his campaign.

However, in the Billings Gazette, Graybill recently alleged that Knudsen wants to “de-fund law enforcement.”

The fallacious argument presented by Graybill is that Knudsen wants to defund the police because he’s pledged to cut unnecessary spending from the Department of Justice. However, Knudsen has never advocated cutting the budget to actual law enforcement measures, police officers, or investigative units. Rather, Knudsen has pledged to cut bureaucratic waste that ties up funds that could otherwise be spent on helping law enforcement officers do their job.

Knudsen responded to the accusations on his own Facebook page:

In fact, it’s actually Raph Graybill who has shown sympathy toward radical activist groups who are advocating for a nationwide effort to defund law enforcement. Graybill, who is the chief legal counsel for Governor Steve Bullock, has stood idly by while Bullock has promoted the #DefundthePolice law enforcement agenda of #BlackLivesMatter.

Graybill’s volunteers have sent texts to Montana voters, telling them directly that he will be soft on drug crime as Attorney General. The publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette was the recipient of one of these texts (provided below).

Auxillary police officers, who are often unarmed by policy, typically do crowd and traffic control and parking enforcement and are utilized during large events like music concerts when additional hands are needed by police departments. They do not typically have the law enforcement training or responsibilities of regular law enforcement. One must wonder how being a volunteer auxiliary police officer in New York City qualifies one to run for Montana Attorney General.

In particular, Graybill served the 26th District of the NYPD on a volunteer basis one night a week while he was captain of the Columbia snowboarding team.


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