At this Rate, COVID-19 Will Barely Edge Out Flu for 9th Highest Cause of Death in Montana


As Governor Steve Bullock is repeatedly warning Montanans that they must cover their face in public and is continuing to implement increasingly stringent standards upon businesses and schools, Montana’s news media is daily reporting the number of COVID-19 deaths and positive cases. When combined, it seems that Montana has a major health crisis. The Billings Gazette issues an urgent death-tally each day, ostensibly to keep residents warry of the dangers of coronavirus and submissive to government health edicts.

However, a brief look at mortality rates in Montana indicates that COVID-19 causes so few deaths it will barely rank in the top ten causes of death in 2020. In fact, so far as mortality statistics go, there are so few COVID-19 deaths it will rank just above the seasonal flu.

As of today, August 25, there have been 97 deaths of people with COVID-19 in Montana, most of whom are nursing home residents with pre-existing conditions that already had them teetering on the precipice of life.

However, the top-ten causes of death in Montana in any given year include:

  1. Heart Disease – 2,164 deaths
  2. Cancer – 2,145 deaths
  3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease – 752 deaths
  4. Accidents – 579 deaths
  5. Stroke – 487 deaths
  6. Suicide – 311 deaths
  7. Diabetes – 292 deaths
  8. Alzheimers – 285 deaths
  9. Chronic Liver Disease – 195 deaths
  10. Flu – 185 deaths

When pro-rating causes of death, considering COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Montana on March 13, it leaves approximately 165 days Montana has struggled with the infection or roughly 45% of the year 2020. If rates of death remain the same, this would place the state at a death tally of nearly two-hundred deaths (should things continue at the same pace) in a 365 day period.

This would place COVID-19 deaths at 9th place, between the chronic flu and just a tad above the seasonal flu. That is, of course, if questionable death certificates can be believed.


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