Bullock Ad Fabricates News Source to Claim He’s Pro-Gun


When Montana governor, Steve Bullock, stood on stage with the roster of Democrats in the presidential primary, he swore to national voters that he was anti-gun rights, opposed AR-15 rifles, and wanted a “assault weapon” ban. But after that failed attempt to win the Democratic nomination, Bullock has come back to Montana with his tail between his legs, threw his hat into the ring for U.S. Senate, and is now promising voters he supports the Second Amendment.

Speaking to the National Press Club in August of last year, Bullock told them, “I am a hunter and a gun owner. And let me say as a hunter, no real hunter needs a 30-round clip. No real hunter needs a weapon of war.”

Of course, the Second Amendment wasn’t given only for hunting, and it’s nobody’s business whether or not someone has a 30-round magazine for their rifle. And semi-automatic weapons are not “weapons of war,” which Bullock may or may not understand.

In an interview with RealClearPolitics, Bullock laid out his draconian gun control policies, and they summarized his views as follows, “What would such steps look like in a Bullock presidency? Universal background checks, for starters, combined with an effort to make sure that federal and national databases have all the relevant information needed to run a thorough search. He also would support so-called red flag laws currently being discussed to keep guns away from the mentally ill or those convicted of domestic abuse.”

They added, “High-capacity magazines would be outlawed. So would assault weapons, which he does not define but says they ‘are not used for self-defense,’ arguing that the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America, ‘is not used for hunting.'”

Again, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is used by many thousands of Montanans for both varmit-control and self-defense. But if Bullock has his way, they would be banned for good.

Nonetheless, a recent campaign ad for Bullock’s Senate bid is lauding him as a pro-gun advocate.

One ad claimed Bullock “took on his party” to defend gun rights (see below).

The ad sites the “National Journal,” which sounds like it’s a press publication, newspaper, or periodical. It sounds legitimate, as though it were just another news source like the Washington Examiner, the Wall Street Journal, or the Montana Daily Gazette.

But the National Journal is, in fact, not a news source at all. The National Journal is a consulting agency for politicians in Washington D.C. The organization is paid by politicians to help craft their own messaging through the use of research, data collection, and marketing. In short, Steve Bullock was quoting himself when his people crafted this campaign ad.

The purpose of the organization, according to its website, is to “…enable members to build stronger relationships in Washington. Not even the most waywardly liberal news outlets would stake their integrity on claiming that Steve Bullock is pro-gun, but it’s a claim he seems to have no problem making himself.

The National Journal helps politicians create snazzy presentations. Placing “National Journal” under a caption on the website as though it were a news source – as that same ad does with the news sources of Field and Stream and the Missoula Independent – is clearly misleading electioneering.

Steve Bullock currently has an F-rating by the National Rifle Association and is opposed by the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) who has been flooding their Facebook page with memes of Bullock’s anti-gun comments in recent days.


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