Montana Democrats Promoting Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About USPS Election-Stealing


As the United States Postal Service continues its normal, annual, and routine re-evaluation of mailbox placement, Democrats across the country are fabricating and spreading a bizarre conspiracy theory about the ordeal which in any other year would go without attention. Montana’s Democrats have attached these conspiracy theories to their contempt of gubernatorial candidate, Greg Gianforte, claiming he’s in league with President Trump and the Postmaster General to overthrow the 2020 elections.

The iconic blue mailboxes on sidewalks and street corners are shuffled regularly depending upon community needs, much like a city might move around its trash dumpsters depending upon which neighborhoods need more or less. It’s a part of an annual process and has been happening for decades.

The conspiracy theory began when a viral tweet showed mailboxes stacked up outside a dump in Wisconsin (see below).

However, the postboxes aren’t at a dump. They were at a company called Hartford Finishing, which repaints and refurbishes boxes for the government, meaning that they will all be reused and put back into communities to collect the mail. Soon, Montana Democrats were alleging that mailboxes being redeployed and re-stationed in the Big Sky State amounted to a conspiracy to suppress voter turn-out in a mail-in election. Even the leftwing outlet, Vox, caught wind of the Montana conspiracy and ended up refuting it as hysteria.

The Democrat conspiracy theory that Donald Trump has secretly plotted with Postmaster General DeJoy to “steal the vote” by moving postboxes seems especially bizarre, considering it was Governor Steve Bullock – a Democrat – who has lobbied for mail-in elections for years and used coronavirus as the reason for dictating a new rule that said counties could have an exclusive mail-in election. Republicans, generally speaking, have objected.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped the Democrat trash-blog, the Montana Post, from alleging that Montana Republican congressman, Greg Gianforte, is in on the plot because he voted against the budget-busting Delivering for America Act.

Don Pogreba, the school-teacher in Helena who melds minds in the public school system and operates as a progressive insurgent on the public payroll, claimed that Republicans are actually trying to kill the postal service.

Pogreba writes, “The Republicans are trying to destroy the Post Office, a constitutionally mandated function of our government.” In reality, Republicans opposed the Delivering for America Act, did so because it removes any standards put into place that will help the service be solvent, efficient, and viable in the long-term market.

Democrats, on the other hand, have advanced the conspiracy theory which sounds more like something out of the alt-right Q-Anon fables than standard Democrat fear-mongering. Another leftist news outlet, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, complained that more postboxes were removed from Democrat districts than Republican ones.

Ironically, Democrats like Jon Tester are complaining that “rural Montana” relies on the blue post boxes, which is untrue. It’s more urban (as urban as you can get in Montana, anyway) areas that have the boxes littering the streets. Of course, it would be areas more prone to vote Democrat who would have the boxes rearranged because rural Montana doesn’t use them at all; they have their own mailboxes or venture to the local post office.

In reality, the postal service has moved around 35 thousand such postalboxes in the last ten years. More than 12 thousand were moved under Obama’s presidency without a complaint from either the left or the right. “Mail Sorters” removed by Postmaster General DeJoy, were decommissioned because the mail is down by 35% thanks to private sector competitiors and they simply could not be continued in service.

Furthermore, if 158 million Americans voted (that is every single registered voter), it would not exceed the mail volume on any given day, meaning that there is no reasonable way the postal system would be overwhelmed by a mail-in election. Vote tampering is far more likely among Democrat officials counting ballots in heavily blue metropolitan areas than by postal carriers.

Keep in mind, it’s not Republicans who are insisting on mail-in elections; it’s Democrats. But the attempt to make the postal service effecient and solvent is being deterred by far-left conspiracy theories based upon myths rather than reason or facts.


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