Philanthropist Hero, Greg Gianforte, Donates 1.5 Million to Help Unborn Children


Greg Gianforte is often villified by Democrat leftists for financially supporting his own campaign to the tune of millions of dollars. Such is the level of angst from welfare-recipients and public payroll denizens toward self-made and successful men. But Greg Gianforte’s generosity doens’t only extend to his efforts to help the state politically. Greg Gianforte has given millions of dollars to help unborn children.

Gianforte’s enemies on the Democratic Left, however, view his generosity to Crisis Pregnancy Centers to be sinister. In an article at Don Pogreba’s Montana Post, Gianforte’s generosity to women with unplanned pregnancies was characterized as “undermining reproductive rights for women.”

Pogreba seems to use the term “reproductive” outside of its dictionary definition, however, and also refers to abortion as “reproductive health.” Abortion, of course, is not reproductive and leads to death for the child and physical, mental, and emotional problems to the mother.

According to the report by Pogreba, Gianforte’s Family Foundation has donated 1.5 million to Crisis Pregnancy Centers since 2006. Those organizations provide free ultrasounds (actual healthcare that doesn’t lead to someone dying), information on abortion alternatives, adoption, and prenatal and postnatal care. Who could have a problem with that (besides Democrats)?

Gianforte’s philanthropy has provided a half million dollars to St. Catherine Clinic and Pregnancy Resource Center in Belgrade, $400,000 to the Zoe Pregnancy Caring Center in Bozeman, the Echoz Crisis Pregnancy Center, as well as pregnancy centers in Billings, Butte, Missoula, and Dillon.

Predictably, Montana’s Democrats have a problem with philanthropy unless it leads to dead babies instead of living ones.

It should be pointed out that Gianforte has given of his own private funds to save babies, while Don Pogreba advocates that public funds be given to Planned Parenthood to kill them. The choice between Greg Gianforte and Mike Cooney seems clear to those who think All Lives Matter.


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